June 10, 2010

Disney Blog Carnival: Fireworks

Today's theme: Fireworks and Light Parades!

Not much commentary is needed here. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
(Firework photos by me. Light parade photos by SoldierMan.)

Wishes @ Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Spectromagic Light Parade @ Magic Kingdom

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Tomorrow's theme: Music!


  1. I went 3 years ago and the fireworks are...magical!!

  2. Love them all! I think the 4th and 7th are my favorites...I don't really have a reason, I just like 'em a little bit more ;)

  3. Just wanted you to know that A. I am SO enjoying your Disney Blog Carnival because I have never been there and your pictures and descriptions are SO amazing! and B. I left you an award on my blog :) Don't know if you get in to that sort of thing, but there you go!

  4. I love your fireworks photos!!!! They look so great!


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