May 10, 2010

What Day Is It Again?

Everything has been a blur the last few days. Still packing/moving/storing stuff. Hopefully after today, things will calm down some.

I also plan on catching up with everyone tonight. How ironic that, as soon as we do this milspouse bloghop and I get all sorts of new reads and followers, I pretty much drop off the face of the earth.

Thanks, PCS. Thanks a lot.

I'll be back soon. (Tonight, hopefully).


  1. BLECK PCSing!!!!!

    Good luck with all of that! I hate...H.A.T.E with a passion...PCSing!

  2. Haha, no worries lady. Real life comes first, and PCSing is crazy!

  3. Hopefully things calm down for you tonight and you are able to rest :)

  4. Man do I feel you! I'm glad now that ours is over the hubs has 2 take home tests to finish in order to be done with grad school, so I've had plenty of time to play catch up...I just hope I didn't miss anyone!

    Hope the rest of your move goes by quickly and smoothly!

  5. Don't sweat it! We all know how crazy a PCS is, so even getting on the computer at all is no small feat. :)

  6. Good luck with all the last minute packing!

  7. Hey, just dropping by to say hello! Hope all is well with your packing - can''t say I'm looking forward to it myself! Hah!


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