May 24, 2010

TV Tuesday: LOST reactions

Well. Here we are.

I will be honest, there will be spoilers in this post, because there is no way to really explain my feelings without being specific.

So, without further ado....

Here's where I'm at:

The flashsideways - were pointless. Sorry, but that's how I feel. I view them as fanfic, a way for the fans to fantasize about what life for the Losties might have been like had Jacob and the island and all of that never existed. Which is fine, but irrelevant to the story. So, rather than get annoyed by the lame purgatory-like ending to confusing flashsideways, I'm just going to separate them from the series and ignore them as a whole. It's cleaner that way. I'll reiterate: the flashsideways/purgatory/limbo ending had NOTHING to do with what really happened on the island. If it bugged you, throw it away.

That being said, I think the strongest points emotionally in the show were in the flashsideways sequences. I cried during the Sun and Jin part. I cried during the Juliet and Sawyer part. Seeing Charlie and Claire together and happy was magical. But, as I say, a fantasy, since that's not how the real story goes.

As far as the actual story, I thought it was fantastic. In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that the end. (Oh man, that hurt!) The on-island story, in many ways, ended just how I expected it. I expected Hurley to wind up the ultimate protector of the island. I appreciated the way Ben was redeemed. I'm glad that those who made it off the island made it off. I'm glad the Man in Black got what was coming to him, and from Kate, who he had always written off as unimportant.

And that final scene where Jack stumbles into the bamboo, side bleeding, seeing Vincent, and it closes on his eye....that was beautiful. Perfect. The perfect way for it to end.

Overall, I have to say, I'm very satisfied. Were all my questions answered? Oh heck no! Even some of the big ones. For instance, why is Desmond special? Electromagnetism doesn't really seem to be a sufficient explanation considering what we now know the flashsideways are. But whatever. I'm okay with that. I'm okay with it all. As they said (ad nauseum): Whatever happened, happened.

I still believe it was the greatest TV cultural event in history. I'm glad I got to be on the first ride. Kind of like being part of the original generation to see Star Wars (the real Star Wars, not the Natalie Portman ones). It can only happen once.

So, what were your thoughts? Did you watch and blog your reactions? If so, link up below (even if you blogged Sunday or Monday) so we can all share.


  1. do i have this right? did they all die on the island and the useless "flash-sideways" was purgatory and in the end they all went to Heaven? cuz, im still a little confused on that part.

  2. I've never seen Lost, maybe I should watch it? Lol

    I gave you an award on my blog! :)

  3. I knew they would be dead! It was way too predictable! And not that exciting! Makes me sad!

  4. i wasn't thrilled with the ending. i understand *why they did it the way they did, but it still wasn't hugely satisfying. I do think that rather than a "purgatory" or whatever, it really was an alternate reality that they created with the incident... a 'place they made so they could find each other'. but then with the passing on business... meh. idk, just wasn't thrilled. but as you said, i'm glad the island story was resolved well, and it was tear inducing to see everyone reunited, Sawyer and Juliet was really touching... amazing considering the short time that we saw them together in the series. anyhoo. i'm okay with it, but not thrilled. i thought it was a safe ending.

  5. Christian made it perfectly clear that the Island events did happen and they weren't dead for the past 6 seasons. When a character died, it appears that that was when they entered the purgatory/waiting room. Time had no meaning there, so Hurley could have taken care of the island for 2000 years and still met them there. Once everyone woke up and let go, they were able to move on to heaven/afterlife.

    Jaci, I do have to disagree about the sideways flashes having no meaning :-) As I mentioned on facebook, we've had a constant theme of rebirth and letting go. There was even an anagram a season or two ago that was "reincarnation." I've been thinking of the real world they came from as the first level, the island as the second level, then the waiting room, then the afterlife. It seems like a very Buddhist idea of moving towards enlightenment.

    I think they let us get caught up in the good v. evil/faith vs. science argument, when in the end it was more about the letting go theme that we saw so often in the first couple of seasons.

  6. I love love love Lost and I'm so sad that it's over now. I think I got the most emotional during the parts where they remembered. It was great.

  7. They were pointless. They played into those themes, but they had nothing to do with what happened on the island, so they didn't serve the story. Which, to me, makes them pointless.

    However, I never said that everyone on the island died at the plane crash or the bomb exploding or whatever. I knew that they all died on their own time. Guess I didn't make that clear. But oh well. It was still a good finale.


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