May 23, 2010

Open Thread: LOST edition

Who all is watching? Predictions? Absolutely-must-not-happens?

Postmortem post on this week's TV Tuesday. I invite you to join me and link up so we can all commiserate ;)


  1. I am watching! I am hoping Sun and Jin somehow come back alive. I am hoping no one has to stay on the island. I am hoping the fake Locke will die. I am hoping for a happy ending. :)

  2. I am DEFINITELY watching!!!
    I'm thinking Jack takes over Jacob's place and the smoke monster/man in black/Locke is either killed or stuck on the island with Jack. And Im thinking Kate or Hurley may stay on the island also. OR they'll blow it up with Desmond's help or whatever and their lives start over again from them boarding the plane, only they touch down and everything is cool. Im also thinking the closing scene might end the way it began (with Jack's eyes opening while he is laying in the field on the island.) I have so much in my head I can't even get it all down. I will be so mad if all my questions aren't answered, or if the ending doesn't meet all my expectations (which are really high). But Im so excited!!

  3. OH! and i think that richard is coming back. for sure.


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