May 5, 2010

OCS Graduation - The Formal

There isn't much to talk about as far as day-to-day activities regarding my time in Georgia. SoldierMan moved out of the barracks a couple days after I got there, but he still had classes and details during the day, so I got to spend a lot of time soaking up the sun and reading. It was like my own mini-vacay. Awesome.

The formal was at the National Infantry Museum, which was amazing. Not all of the exhibits were open, of course, since the museum had been rented out for the occasion. But what we saw was impressive. I definitely plan to go back, possibly a couple of times. There was so much to see!

I have to say, the dress was a hit. There were a few other above-the-knee dresses there, but only a few and they were all pretty skanky. Even some of the long ones were. Srsly, girls, this isn't prom! You aren't 18! You can't pull off that dress anymore. You are meeting brass tonight. C'mon!

Yeah, needless to say, it provided some great entertainment, seeing what some people would show up in. Some of the dresses were FABULOUS! There was one that I almost got myself - in a different color - but didn't because it was over $500. So yeah, I was impressed.

These were some of SoldierMan's buddies at OCS. Sadly, they are all going elsewhere for their respective BOLCs. But thanks to facebook, it'll be easy to keep in touch. They were a fun group.

The dinner itself was interesting. After the hour-long of socializing beforehand, when everyone was REALLY ready to sit down, we went through the receiving line which ran through the main exhibit on the first floor and led to the dining area below.

The receiving line had the cadre from OCS as well as their spouses, and the guest speaker for the evening, whose name didn't stick out to me at the time. He was old, in his 80s, and it was amazing he could stand up with all the decoration on his chest. It looked like he had every possible ribbon or medal there was to get! Somebody said something about how he was involved with the movie "We Were Soldiers."

I had no idea there was such complicated protocol for a receiving line. Thanks for the heads up! ;) There is a whole system about who I can speak to and shake hands with and what to say. So basically I just walked through, repeated "Nice to meet you" to everyone there and shook whichever hand was offered to me.

Once we left, we and the couple behind us started listing off all the faux pas we made in the line, who we accidentally spoke to or called "Sir" when we weren't supposed to or whatever. Anyway, I guess we appeared a little too flippant, because one of the museum volunteers came over to us and said, "Do you realize who you just met?"

Um, Lt. Gen. Hal Moore?

"Yes, you know the movie 'We Were Soldiers'?"


"That's him. Mel Gibson played him. The Vietnam War exhibit up ahead? That's him. That's who you just met."

Oh. Wow.

When we went downstairs there was a copy of his biography on the programs we were given (which, somehow, I left mine there! idiot!) and it was even more awesome. He originally came to Ft. Benning in the 40s to jump-test experimental parachutes - "leading to several near-death experiences." In the 50s, he basically started what we know as recreational skydiving. Throughout his career, he never had a soldier go MIA or POW. Amazing.

He only spoke for about 10 minutes, but I could have listened to him for an hour. Unfortunately, my angle, lens and the lighting kept me from getting a good picture of him. But wow. A living legend.

Other than that, the food was good, our table was fun and we had a great time.


  1. That is a great picture of you two together. Sounds like a great night!

  2. Sounds like a great night, and your dress was fabulous!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You looked beautiful!! :)

  4. Sounds like fun!! When we lived in Georgia for my husbands BOLC, I volunteered at the museum and was there for the grand opening. I met Gen. Hal Moore (I have pics with him) and I was 10 feet from Colin Powell. It was pretty awesome!

  5. I love the museum and the dress was such a perfect choice :)

  6. I'm hoping that in a few months, I'll be able to go to my husband's OCS graduation! :) I'll be sure to ask you for tips in the event that happens.

  7. i loved reading this...took me back to when my hubby graduated ocs and we had the formal.

    we had a GREAT time.


    girl some of the dresses these ppl wore...well, trashy!!!

    you looked great!!

  8. Wow! That sounds like one amazing night, and I must admit I am jealous. meeting him... Wow!

  9. First, as a historian, I HATE you for meeting him. Second, I've been DYING to go to a formal. Third, I'm glad you had a good time! =)

  10. Speaking of dresses: You are so right! We had an Army ball back in 2009 and some of the wives bought dresses that were so short and bright, it made them look like hookers. I am not kidding! Also, if you weigh more than 200lbs and are 5'2", you should not wear a strapless, short dress.

    I love your dress and I am glad you decided to go short and modern-chic! It suits you well!

  11. you looked classy and sassy!
    glad you had such a good time, what a great experience:O)

  12. Love the dress!

    You looked beautiful :)

  13. Sounds like it was a great night. yay for your dress being a hit!

  14. We don't ever get cool speakers like that at our Engineer events!

  15. That dress is FANTASTIC!!! You two look great!

    What a cool speaker!


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