May 13, 2010

More Random Stuff

Today will be a random assortment of stuff. Mostly because I don't have much time.

So, yeah, never buy the Scotch/3M tape dispenser from the grocery store. Piece of junk broke the first time I swiped it across a box. But it was the only one they had.

This is what we have been living out of since our HHG left on Monday. Glamorous, huh? :)

So we have made it one of our goals this week to buy as much OU paraphernalia to take with us as possible. I found these adorable yoga pants at Walmart the other day. This logo is on the hip. Isn't it perfect? :)
And this...this is one of my favorites dishes from one of our favorite restaurants in OKC. Bella Vista's Ziti alla Vodka. Amazing. I will miss this place so much.

Tonight we are opening up the house to anyone who wants to drop by and say bye. I almost didn't do this, it seemed like throwing a party for yourself. But, then I remembered how, earlier this year, some friends of ours were leaving and we weren't sure exactly when - and then suddenly, one day on facebook, they were "settling into their new place" in a whole different part of the world. And I was so sad, because I felt robbed of the chance to say goodbye to them. I didn't want to do that to our friends. It's not fair. So, tonight, I hope we get the chance to say goodbye to everyone, but if not, we'll always have facebook and the blogs.


  1. I am hungry!!!!! least you don't have a ton of dishes to do. Wonder where you are PCSing to. hmmmm
    Oh yea...are you eating all your current meals in paper plates etc.?

    Enjoy the is jsut the beginning!!!!

  2. I'm jealous! I want some OU stuff! I didn't get the chance to stock up. =( I have like 4 OU shirts that I wear probably wayyy too much. In fact, while I was getting my ID checked at Gordon one day, one of the gaurds said "hey Oklahoma"...I was wearing my fave OU shirt again. =) Lol!

    Isn't sleeping on a mattress on the floor fun?! ;-) Hope today goes well!

  3. I like the "now's your chance to say goodbye" idea. :) I hope you have a sweet time with your friends!

  4. when we left LA we ended up having like 4 going away parties-I would of so preferred to have everyone just stop by like you did. such a good idea. half of our time in the last few weeks was spent at going away parties.

  5. I love yoga pants! So was it 3 or 4 years ago OU was in the Fiesta Bowl? I was there and because all my in-laws were cheering for the other team, I screamed my heart out for OU. I also am like drooling over that ziti. I am a pasta fiend and that looks incredible.

  6. We still buy tons of AR Razorback stuff when we go home!! It is always a little piece of home wherever you are stationed!!

  7. Love the yoga pants!!!! :)

    I think the "party" is a great idea! It is nice to see everyone before you leave. :) I wish I had done that before I left Vegas.

  8. The party is a great idea. Have fun!

  9. I hope you have a great night seeing friends and saying goodbye!


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