May 10, 2010

Hail! Hail! Hail!

First, I need to get some TV Tuesday out of the way.

Yes, yes, the finale was this week and the official results are in, but we all know who the real winners were.

Better to come in an honest second than win a cheater. And yes, I don't care how you split the hairs, they (the "winners") knew they were making a quasi illegal move. And I'm glad that Caite handed it to those horrible women, even though I'm appalled that the show even aired that. But whatever. That's all I've got to say about that.

And with regards to LOST - I'm sorry if not all of you are caught up, like my poor husband who will have to watch this week's episode with me tomorrow night after not having watched ANY of this season (unless I can get him to do a mega-marathon with me tomorrow) - but I'm still really upset about last week. SPOILERS Jin and Sun were my favorites. My absolute favorites. And they way they died was so unsatisfying and unnecessary. Before when some of my favorites died, it was tolerable. There was a purpose behind it. Here, there was none. I'm still upset over it. I just hope this indicates a higher purpose for the sideways timeline. And if you want to talk more about that we can. But I'm still really upset.

In other news....

So yesterday, after two days of packing and loading, primarily by my husband who pretty much loaded the entire POD by himself (yes, my husband is a hoss. That's Oklahoman for "sexy beast." ;), we put the last of (what could be called) the HHG in the POD and sent it off. Not an hour later, the weather turned. The tornado season officially kicked in.

For those of you not in Oklahoma or elsewhere in tornado alley, let me explain the psyche-process of what a day of tornadoes means.

First, we all notice that this morning, it's freezing cold, but by afternoon, it would be really hot - except the wind is going something like 25 miles an hour. It was like that all day Monday.

Then the clouds settle in, and depending on the height, the sky turns green. Then the sky starts sprinkling. Then the tornado sirens begin.

However, those of us who have lived here any length of time at all were watching the skies all morning. Usually we know tornadoes are coming long before the sirens come on.

Then the rain gets heavy. And, if you are in the "danger zone" (or very near where a rotation is forming), you get hail. The bigger the hail, the closer the rotation.

Until the hail hit, we were all on the computer, playing games, doing whatever. Tornado season is a sport in Oklahoma. Thanks to the inestimable Gary England, we were able to keep track of the storm via facebook. This man is a national treasure! Of course, as soon as the sprinkling started, I and my dad bolted for the front porch. It's always a contest to see who can spot the funnel first. I'm going to miss Oklahoma in the spring.

We got hail. Somewhere between golfball and baseball sized hail. The actual funnels (there were several) only came within a mile or two of our house, so we were fine. And we were able to park in my parents' garage because my sister wasn't home, so the car is fine as well. (Although, a check for hail damage would have been a nice contribution to my pie-in-the-sky-dreaming-of-a-new-car fund!)

I keep trying to upload the video I took of the hail. Right as the big hail hit, it was pounding the pool and the yard. And it looked fantastic. So I ran upstairs and grabbed the camcorder. Of course, in the time it took me to get upstairs, pull it out of the case and get back downstairs, the hail had passed. Boo. So this is the best I got, Sarah. :)

Most people got bad car and rood hail damage. I know some people who lost part of their roof, others whose houses lost more. They are reporting only one person died, after 24 tornadoes touched down. Of course, it's very sad that anyone died. I know the person's family. But, considering it was just one person, that's a sort of miracle.

Did I mention, when we were in Georgia a few weeks ago, we had a "tornado watch" (different that a tornado warning - basically a "watch" means the weather could turn into a tornado. A warning means it has or is about to.) Anyway, it's pouring down rain and we are pulling into Stevie B's for some pizza, and the radio plays a tornado watch, and goes on to describe what that means, and what a tornado is ("strong winds, possible hail, heavy rain") - and the tornado watch wasn't even for our county. The town was bare. I guess they don't get many tornadoes down that way.

Anyway, the HHG is on its way to Georgia, we will follow sometime this weekend. So the rest of the week is filled with time with family and friends and hitting our favorite local hangouts one last time. I'm going to miss Oklahoma in the spring. I love it. I love the excitement and the drama and the way that, even after a disaster like today or the infamous May 3 tornado of 1999, or the Murrah bombing terrorist attack, you see the Oklahoma spirit at work. Or, as my sister put it:

We picked ourselves up, without the federal government...We have a church on every corner. We [are] conservatives who live and work for themselves, who give generously to their fellow man, and have a fear of the Almighty. We don’t sit around after ice storms and tornadoes waiting for a government bureaucrat to come by and help us out. We look to our neighbors first, our churches second and our government last. A people like that can’t be controlled with nanny-state ideology and we don’t want to be.

Yeah, okay, it's a little political. But it's the truth, and if it ruffles your feathers, well, it's still the truth. There were hordes of news stories right after 9/11 about how the first out-of-state responders to literally pick up and move shop to NYC were Oklahomans. Maybe it's some sort of mental thing, but Oklahomans tend to flock to disasters. After the May 3 tornado, every church including mine was immediately filled with Red Cross personnel, only to find that church members were already filling the roles they had come to play - everything from food and clothing collection and distribution to people in flatbed trucks transporting wounded to hospitals before the ambulances could even get to them. People here know better than to loot during disasters, because this is Oklahoma, we've got guns, and we'll protect ourselves AND our neighbors. When disaster strikes, we do what needs to be done.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.


  1. i looooove LOST!!! i just want to know all the darn answers already!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I soooooo love that you posted that just for me! (Or maybe it wasn't just for me...) I totally know this is ridiculous, but I'm jealous that you got to sit on your porch and look for/at funnels! I miss doing that. I haven't seen a funnel, green skies, hail, or a bad thunderstorm in 2 YEARS!!! I miss Oklahoma. =( And yes, 1 casualty with that many tornadoes- phenomenal.

    Btw, you and I need to meet up...ASAP! You are a woman after my own heart! Oh, and I'm totally getting a gun before my hubby leaves on deployment. I don't need no stinkin' badge. =)

  3. I was SO mad that "winners" made that move at the airport. The Cowboys should have won!! I agree about Caite, too. She wasn't my favorite, but those ladies were so hateful and constantly bitter.
    The story about the spirit of Oklahoma reminds me so much of what's being said here in Tennessee right now!

  4. And on a random side note, reading the quotes on the sidebar makes my Conservative heart smile. ;)

  5. Wow talk about crazy weather!! We have gotten some wicked storms here in NC but nothing like what you got. I hope you enjoy your time with family!! :)

  6. That hail, wow! Well considering I have never actually seen hail that is CRAZY!! I missing having good thunderstorms here, we have yet to have one and I really miss it. We sure won't be having any exciting hurricane action where we are now and some crazy part of me misses that. (although not the days on end of no electricity and tons of humidity that follows them) I hope you enjoy Georgia, I have only been there a few times. They are known for their Georgia red clay too. Maybe it will feel a little like home.

  7. um, so much to comment on!
    we finally caught up with LOST on sunday night so waiting until tonight for the next episode has been weird... i had heard all the buzz that this last episode was super sad, some of my friends said they were crying etc. so i was prepared.. i kept trying to decide who i thought it would be and thinking, it can't be Jin and Sun, they have that sweet baby girl waiting for them, Jin MUST meet his baby girl! so.... i'm waiting to see how they tie it all up... LOST always has something up it's sleeve so i'm not devastated until the end. but then i will be mad. the thing that made me the most angry up until this point was when Libby died. Love me some Hurley!
    also love the whole last part of your post. wish that IL folk had the same gumption and less self entitlement. don't get me wrong, we have some good ole farm boys with their heads on straight, down in southern IL, but we always get trumped by Chicagoland. boo.

  8. Down in South Georgia, where I grew up, we get some pretty fierce storms. Now that I live closer to Savannah that is one of the things I miss the most. When I go home to visit I always secretly wish for a bad storm. {Granted we have never had 24 tornados at one time. I think at most we have had 3 or 4 at once.}

  9. i think the biggest piece of hail i've ever seen was the size of a small marble. ha nothing compared to you.

    just wanted to let you know i left you something on my blog.

  10. Oklahoma sounds so much like Arkansas. We have a church on every corner and if there is a natural disaster, everyone comes rushing to help. There is a death in the family, you will not have to cook for a month b/c the whole town and church has it covered!!!

    The tornado sirens haven't gone off in MO yet. I love a good storm too!! Last night our electricity went out and the weather calmed down, I kept telling David that I thought they were going off. He said that I was crazy wanting them to go off! HA!! Glad someone else can relate! Not that I would EVER want a bad tornado to damage people's homes or kill anyone!!!

  11. SO thank you for understanding why im being a lame design should be up in a week--ish hopefully!!!

    I LOVE tornado season (the part where homes and people are destroyed is terrible, but the weather-AMAZING) Given, I hate driving in that weather (too scary) but I love being home when it all hits...the power goes out so the whole family is together looking out the windows or standing outside watching for clouds (i live in north texas) my dad and brother always run out when the hail is small and grab pieces off the ground and start having a little hail fight outside :) ...the HUGE balls are saved in the freezer for show off purposes!!!

    I love what your sister wrote (even tho texas is better--lol) I love the family and neighborly love spirit, and how yall just DO IT, without being told!!

    love the quote at the end...reminded me of the housekeeper in troop beverly hills!!!

  12. I left you an award on my blog :)

  13. Can you believe my sister's wedding reception will be in full swing during the LOST finale!?! Yeah. I sure do love her.... ;)

  14. That's scary! I'm glad you guys ended up being ok! I guess Oklahoma knows your leaving and wanted to give you a tornado alley send off. lost! I can't believe Jin and Sun are no more. Sad face...


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