May 4, 2010


Hey all!

For those of you not on facebook, I left Georgia at around noon yesterday....and got to OKC at noon today.

In case there's any confusion, it should NOT take 24 hours to get from Georgia to Oklahoma by plane. Even by car. Srsly.

Long story short - late shuttle to the Atlanta airport, Atlanta-DFW flight 1 hour late, DFW-OKC flight cancelled, over 100 people on standby list, hotel, back to airport, breakfast at USO, made standby this morning, home at noon today. And I may or may not have bought a black-market phone on ebay by accident. Gah.

I mean, really, on the scale of "bad things that could happen to you," this is really nothing major. I kept reminding myself that I know people undergoing chemo treatments this week. I have a lot to be thankful for. Even sharing a room with a stranger at Motel 6.

Yes, a nice girl in the Navy was in the same boat I was (ha ha) and so we shared a room. Super nice, way hyper and proved that "cussing like a sailor" is NOT, in fact, a euphemism. But we got along great so it was awesome. Plus she was the one who found the cheap motel at the discounted rate (it was cheaper to stay under her active duty ID than my dependent ID. awesome. And we were only there about 6 hours anyway before we had to come back to try and get on the next outbound flight.)

Oh, and not only did the new hotel on Sunday not have wifi, neither does DFW. Srsly. Orlando has wifi, but not DFW? Lame.

So, needless to say, I have had zero chance to read and catch up with all my BBs, new and old. I'll try and backtrack, but ladies, that's something like 300 posts to catch up on. So if anything super-magical happened in your life since Saturday morning, I really want to know, and if you could share here below, I'd appreciate it, because chances are I won't have time to go back and find it.

I'm not lazy. I'm PCSing.

Yeah, PCSing begins this week.

But that's okay, because it means my honey is coming home on Friday. :)

So I'm happy.


  1. YAY!! where you PSCing to?

  2. Oh my goodness! Wow 24 hours is a long time to just get back to OK. Glad you made it. YAY for PCSing! May it be stress free :)

  3. Wow sounds dramatic! Glad you are back safely, keep us updated on the PCS!

  4. That is crazy! The flight stuff. How exciting about honey being home soon! Woo that is so exciting. I really like that picture of you guys. A lot.

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  5. Yeah for PCSing!!! 24 hours to get home... no thank you!

  6. 24 hours to get home...that would drive me nuts!

  7. Best of luck on the PCS! You can do it!

  8. Good luck with PCSing! {I had to google that by the way. I figured it meant moving but I wanted to make sure;)}

  9. Yay! And wow, PCSing came quick! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

    Nothing truly magical happened for me over the weekend that you weren't able to see on facebook. =) No worries.

  10. yay for pcsing....


    24 hours to get home. sorry!!!!

  11. What an adventure! ;)
    I am not saying you HAVE to catch up on all of my posts. But there is a video posted(next to recent post) and since it is Disney themed, I think you would be upset if you missed it!

  12. Wow!! How crazy!!! Glad you have made it back safely!!! :)

  13. we recently PCS'd from Los Angeles to Hawaii. The Army, the ever brillant Army, flew us through San Francisco to get to Honolulu. Kinda like Gilligan's Island -- a three hour layover, turned into 9 hours, then 13 hours. Did I mention we have a toddler with diarrhea at this point? Diapers and patience running thin-we arrived in Hawaii 20 hours after we left Los Angeles. I feel ya-PCSing rarely goes as planned. Just smile and wave-"bloom where you are planted"

  14. Good luck on the move. Glad you finally made it back. I saw your facebook post and was like uh oh!

  15. Glad you finally made it back and in one piece. Good luck with the PCS-ng - I'll be thinking of you and sending my excess energy :)


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