May 19, 2010

Fess Up!

Okay, which one of y'all put the kibosh on me???

I know I was anxious yesterday at how today would go, with all the unpacking, and about how I needed to rest and get ready for it.

Well, I got lots of rest the ER.

Yeah, that's right. I was in the hospital. For severe dehydration and exhaustion.

Today I woke up sick. I won't go into details because it would quickly fall into the TMI category. But I was really sick. At first, I thought it was food poisoning, but SoldierMan wasn't sick even though we ate exactly the same things yesterday. So food poisoning was out.

By the time the POD was delivered, I could hardly walk upright. My Tricare info still hasn't been transferred to Ft. Benning, so my only option was to go to the ER.

I honestly didn't think it would be a big deal. At most, I thought maybe they'd say, "Uh, the emergency room is for emergencies. Go drink some Gatorade." So I told SoldierMan to stay at the apartment and that I would be back soon to help.

No. Such. Luck.

I go to the ER and, after being seen by two nurses before the subject of insurance ever came up, was admitted and put on an IV drip for 2 hours. All-in-all, it was an over 4 hour trip. During which, SoldierMan stayed at the apartment and unloaded ALL - yes, ALL - the boxes out of our POD. The only stuff left are things which really do require two people to carry. And then he unpacked most of the kitchen and started washing dishes. And then he came and sat in the hospital with me and followed me home. He took a picture of me all in the bed and gown and IV and everything, but it's on his phone and I don't want to get up. :)

When we got home, I was feeling a little better, so I helped him finished unpacking the kitchen and putting things away. Which wiped me out again. So he blew up the air mattress and I've been hanging out recuperating in the living room watching TV and napping.

He's amazing. Seriously. He did all of that by himself, taking care of me, and he's STILL going even now, getting our office room set up. As I said before, the man's a hoss.

So anyway, fingers crossed that tomorrow I'm back to 80-100% and able to get the rest of the stuff our bed. That would be nice right now. :)


  1. wow! thats crazy. i hope you are 100% soon!!

  2. Aw your hubby is so sweet. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. Oh man! I hope you feel better soon!! This Georgia heat is BRUTAL. I had a garage sale this past Saturday and felt sick the rest of the day. Luckily the gatoraid and water did help, but now I know I need to watch myself a little more out hre.

    P.S. I *think* my email is set to receive replies! If not, let me know, but only when you're feeling better—jeslynn02 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. Awww hon, I am sorry you had such a crappy day. Praying you feel better soon!!

  5. Jaci!? Girl you need to be more careful!! That is wonderful that he was able to get so much accomplished though. Try to take it easy!!

  6. Oh my gosh!!! That is awful!!! I hope you get better soon!

    And yeah, your man has GOT to be a hoss to do all of that by himself! I'm seriously impressed. I think he gets extra points for doing all that and taking care of you. By the way, Joe had to give them all my info AGAIN when we got here, so you might wanna have him check into that if he has to do inprocessing there. If not, just go to the TriCare office (should be in the Army hospital there) and they'll take care of it. =)

    Feel better soon!!!

  7. i really hope your feeling better soon!

  8. Oh wow! I'm glad you're ok, and I hope you're resting a lot and taking care of yourself! SoldierMan rocks for taking such good care of you and getting things unloaded.

    Feel better soon!

  9. holy cow!
    i'm so sorry:O(
    feel better and get lots of rest; let that super wonderful man take care of you:O)

  10. Oh my girl that stinks I had that happen to me once and it doesn't feel good at all you are doing the right thing by laying down and getting rest. That was super sweet of your hubby to do all that and still take care of you..

  11. Oh No!!! :( I really hope you are feeling better today. There is nothing ever fun about being in the ER. Kudos to your hubby for taking care of everything!! REST! :)

  12. Ohhh wow Im sorry to hear this! I hope you feel better soon xoxo

  13. I hope you're feeling better!

  14. My goodness, I hope you start feeling better soon. Kuddos to SM for being a good hubby and holding things together!

  15. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you're ok. Next time, I'm be sure to send you a case of Gatorade before you move. Get some rest and good luck with the rest of the unpacking.

  16. Oh My Goodness, Girl!!! So glad you are ok now!!!

  17. oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

  18. Awww, so sorry you ended up in the ER :(

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Get a water bottle and keep it near you all the time, at least until you form the habit of drinking more water. I had to learn that when I moved back to Hawaii because it's humid here too :)

    Hope you are feeling better - and from your next post it looks like you are!



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