May 18, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday, we arrived, got the keys, unloaded the cars, tried to get on base, found out my tag had expired (long story) and had to run around the city to get the correct paperwork and find a tag agency, so now I have a stupid Georgia plate on my car, went shopping and unloaded the car several more times, ate dinner, came home, put together some Walmart furniture, and finally went to bed sometime around 0100. Long, hot, sweaty, stressful day.

Today is...not. Oh, there's still some Walmart furniture to put together, but there's not much else. The cable and internet got turned on, our super-awesome washer and dryer got delivered. SoldierMan is going to hit the gym this afternoon. I'm torn. I know I *should*. But I'm still so exhausted from yesterday. And I really need to save my strength for tomorrow. Because if I feel like this tomorrow, there's no hope.

The POD gets delivered tomorrow. With all our stuff. We live on the second floor, and our building is about 30 feet from the parking lot,plus stairs, plus inside the apartment. That's a LOT of yardage to haul heavy (or even not-heavy) boxes. And I'm really worried that I'm not up to the task.

Between being horribly out of shape from living with my parents the last few months (heavy food and no workout buddy), the intense humidity and that little hole in my heart...yesterday was hard. I got through it, but not well. At one point I finally hit the wall, gave out, and SoldierMan had to haul the heavy furniture boxes up the stairs alone. I felt horrible. I have never felt so weak and useless. I hate it. But unfortunately, there's nothing that will dramatically change my physical capabilities before tomorrow.

My only hope right now is that some people will magically and spontaneously show up and help us unload. Not unpack, I can do all the unpacking, that's fine.

So today, I'm resting. And praying for a miracle.

UPDATE: So, we went to the gym. Yes, *we*. And I feel good about it. I only walked on the treadmill for a half an hour, plus the wandering around outside in the 6:00 Georgia heat. So I'm tired, but it's a happy tired. A "sleep through the night on a futon" tired.

UPDATE 2: I'm still SUPER DUPER slow on commenting on everyone's posts or responding to comments on mine. As you can imagine, my time is pretty full right now. So if you posted something and I didn't comment, please don't take it personally. I probably read it in between tasks and didn't have time to comment. (I'm a fast reader, a vvvveeerrryyy slow commenter.) Hopefully I will be back in full form week....?


  1. Yay for getting there and already getting so much done! I'll be crossing my fingers for you that everything else gets moved in ok.

  2. rest up lady!
    *and when we PCSd to to Vegas, we unloaded for a day and the next day called movers and asked how much tey would charge to unload the truck... not to unpack or anything but to unload our boxes and carry them to our second floor apartment... it was the best $200 and cost of pizza and water we ever spent! (of course, taht was 10 years ago... but still the best $200+ we've ever spent)

  3. Oh yuck!! Unloading the POD and then carrying it upstairs?! Not fun. Not fun at all. =( Rest up today and maybe you guys can get that thing unloaded tomorrow! Hope you feel better! (((hugs)))

  4. Glad to hear you are in your new place! I hope the unloading goes much better than you thought it would. And get some rest when you can :)

  5. I hope you get lots of rest in, it will all be over soon! Good luck xoxo

  6. Hope you feel better! The worst thing about GA is the can feel like you are breathing water sometimes. Praying the unloading tomorrow goes well!

    P.S. I think the suggestion of movers is golden;)

  7. Rest up! Everything will be fine. You'll get through tomorrow knowing that one day you can laugh about it. I can clearly remember hauling our ancient 500 lb tv (that was back before flatscreens) up to our 2nd floor apartment, cursing every step. But we did it, and yes, I was able to laugh about it the next day. I also clearly remember that once we had everything in our apartment, we ordered a big fat pizza, drank a bunch of wine, and I soaked in the tub with a mindless novel. You can do it! Thinking of you.

  8. I think its allowed. :)

    Good job going to the gym. I hope tomorrow doesn't absolutely kill you. :(

  9. Hey, I'm also here at Benning and I have Friday off from work. I'd love to come help with whatever you need, bring you food, be workout buddy, or just say welcome. I'm a super great and careful unpacker or box remover or cabinet cleaner--whatever you need. Nobody was there us when we first got here, so I'd really like to help you guys out. Please, please, please email me and I can pass on my contact info. I'm at weimeraners AT hotmail DOT com.

  10. Losing my Ohio license plate was like the final kick to the gut for me...I absolutely did not want a stupid Missouri plate on my car!

    Congrats to you for getting up and going to the gym! You'll thank yourself later =)

  11. Aw well I know you have to be so tired ugh! I Hate moving well I guess I just hate the actual carrying boxes up stairs thing lol..Other then that I Love unpacking or packing lol...

  12. Hope the rest of the unpacking goes smoothly! Take your time - you'll get it all done eventually!


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