April 14, 2010


Well, guys, the photoshoot went well this afternoon. The wind was not quite as nightmarish as could be, and we found some pretty secluded areas to shoot. And even though not everyone was really in the mood for having their picture taken, I still think I got some winners. :) And now I am wiped out! I had planned on rewarding myself by taking the afternoon and laying outside and reading, but I'm just too darn tired! Maybe tomorrow....

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Life is pretty stressful around here right now. My blood pressure is back on the high end again, but I know it's just temporary. I just can't wait to have this little phase overwith.

I don't remember if I updated you guys or not, so here's the latest:

SoldierMan's I BOLC (That's Infantry BOLC, not BOLC 1) doesn't begin until early July. However - he said that most of the Infantry guys will only be given 5 days after graduation to move. Yes, 5 days after April 29. I thought my dad was going to cry. However - there are other possibilities as well. SoldierMan is applying for the Home Recruiting program, which would allow us to have 2 weeks here at home before PCSing. He is also applying for a 10 day PCS rather than a 5, just in case we don't get the Home Recruiting (I don't know the acronym for that, but there is one.)

Are you keeping up?? That means, as of today, we could have either 5, 10, or 24 days to get to Ft. Benning.

When will we find out? I'm still not totally clear on that. From what I understand, we'll have a better idea of things this Friday. But I could be wrong. Anyway, that's the latest. Now I'm pulling the paperwork together to send in for the apartment applications. We've agreed on a tentative move-in date for the application, so that's something anyway.

Anyway, that's the latest!! Any PCS advice?? I'm open!

I also received a lovely award today! Yay!

Thanks to Mrs. Superman! (Or, Mrs. S. ;)) Yet another reason you guys make my day. Seriously, I don't know how I would be surviving all of this without you guys. So, I'm passing this along to all of you who left me encouraging comments yesterday. There's 11 of you, so feel free to go ahead and claim this. Sorry I'm being lazy by not linking everyone, but yeah, I'm that lazy right now. :)


  1. So glad the shoot went well :)

    Nate calls the guys who come home on hometown recruiting "a traps" or something like that, lol!

  2. Gotta love the military!!!! Chances are, I'm guessing you might not find out anything on Friday?!?! JUST TELL YOU ALREADY...gesh! Good luck! I'm a new follower...so I can't wait to find out what they tell you! You can find me at, Goodnight moon!

  3. Acronym for Home Recruiting: HRAP. =)Feel better now? Not sure what the "AP" stands for...Joe told me, but I can't remember. Lol!

    Oh, paperwork....how it sucks! And don't count on knowing anything until the last minute. At least, that's what I've come to expect with the Army. And you might want to go ahead and plan on the 5 days after graduation just in case he doesn't get the extra 5 days or HRAP. Feel free to email me; maybe we can get through this together! Although a PCS from OK to GA is a little different from GA to HI. But I did PCS by myself from NC to GA, so I might be able to help a little bit.

  4. Glad the shoot went well! You will just have to reward yourself another day:)

  5. I'm glad the shoot went well! :)

    Gotta love the Army...everything is always last minute and then things change! Hopefully you will get everything done in whatever amount of time you have. :)

  6. I'm glad the shoot went well :) And my only advice is make sure you don't pack your bible, lol you will want it! And good luck!

  7. My advice for moving, is to feed the movers! Donuts and coffee in the morning or burgers or pizza for lunch...it will keep them happy. Happy movers typically translates to more efficient packing which translates to less broken stuff =)

  8. Ahhh, gotta love the uncertainty that comes with the Army. I hope you at least find something out on Friday, even if it isn't exactly what you want to hear.
    And nice work on the photo shoot!

  9. Oh I remember how utterly stressed I was when Mr. Superman finished BMT then Tech School. I was in AZ, he was in TX and our stuff was in UT. We had 11 days to get him to AZ, then us to UT, then drive to Moody in GA. Its craziness! I am so excited for you though. Its an amazing feeling to have them home no matter how stressful everything is. Guess what? I am only like four hours from Fort Benning. How exciting is that?! Ha ha I am a nerd.

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  10. So glad the shoot went well!

    PCS advice? Hmmm, be organized ahead of time! The last time I PCS'ed was from Japan to the states, so that's a little different because we had 2 different pack outs. But I think in general just make sure you know what is going where. Make a list of important items so you know if anything is lost on the other end. You never know how long it will take your stuff to get to your destination (or at least we didn't know!), so make sure you don't let the movers pack stuff that you'll need in the duration. During the pack out, keep an eye on the movers and don't be afraid to speak up if they aren't doing an adequate job of packing your stuff. Take pics of high cost possessions like tvs, computers, etc in case you have to file a claim for damage. They tell you to write down the codes on the back of these items as well in case they get lost. When you move into your new place, keep an eye on the movers and notice any changes. For example, when we moved here, the movers gauged our hardwood floors with my dresser. I immediately took pics, filed a claim, and within a few weeks we had someone doing an estimate and we had a check to repair the damage. Finally, either buy the movers pizza for lunch, hint at the start of the pack in/pack out that you'll be rewarding them with pizza or a case of beer to go, and periodically offer them soda or water throughout the day. This sounds crazy but I truly feel my stuff was handled better with this incentive.

    Oh gosh, I hope I'm not overwhelming you. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. I know it all sounds daunting, but you can do it! Let me know if you have any questions...I've done this before!!!


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