April 7, 2010

What Can We Do?

Two weeks from yesterday I'll be back in Georgia for the beginning of the OCS graduation festivities. It's crazy to think of all the airmiles I'm racking up this month.

Something I didn't really talk about from last weekend was, obviously we did a lot of driving around and hanging out and Dairy Queen eating. But we also had several serious conversations. Private conversations, of course, but probably nothing out of the norm for military couples.

Anyway, at one point I was online catching up on all your blogs, and Rachel had updated last week (prior to Easter) and SoldierMan read her blog with me. Obviously, it prompted some discussion. He, of course, expressed his sympathy. And it brought up all the feelings I'd been working on repressing every since...ever since. And it led to several serious, but important, discussions regarding those feelings.

One of the most dominant feelings has been unfettered admiration for Rachel. Honestly, words can't describe how much I respect her strength, grace and dignity over the last few weeks. In fact, she has already signed up to do the Run for Warriors in honor of her husband. And I know I'm not the only one who's asked themselves, "What can I do?"

Well, a couple of our fellow milwives have stepped up. Knowing about her pledge drive for the run, Ashley and Mrs GI Joe have (with blog designer Mrs. Muffins) created a button to take us directly to Rachel's donation site.

Go to either of their blogs to grab the button and share it along. I don't see why there's any reason we can't make it our goal to double her pledge goal!

And as always, keep Rachel and Ariana in your prayers.


  1. have had similar discussions, on several occations with my dude.

    What a great thing to do to help R raise $!

  2. I love love love that the ladies are doing this for Rachel. I'll be putting it up on my blog too.

  3. I had that discussion with Joe too. =) For the couple of days after we all found out about her husband, I was on an emotional roller coaster. It was a hard conversation...but one we needed to have.

  4. I've been talking to Nate about it since then too...and I am still amazed by her strength. She's the warrior, just like I said in my post.

    Thanks for spreading the word with us!

  5. I think we are all feeling so helpless when it comes to doing something for Rachel. She is beyond incredible. Grabbed the button!

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  6. My husband had just come home from R&R when I heard the news and it make me a complete wreck.. and I can't even imagine what Rachael was going through. We are praying for her always!


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