April 13, 2010

TV Tuesday

*Amazing Race*FlashForward*V*LOST*
I decided to start putting a header^ up showing which shows I'll be discussing each week, in order, so if you want you can just skip to the ones you want, or skip the post altogether if you want. :)

Amazing Race!

Ding dong, the witches are gone!

I'm sorry, but those women were horrible. No, I'm not sorry. From Day 1 they were mean, vindictive, bitter, hateful....I'm SO glad they aren't in the running for the grand prize. They were jerks and it came back to bite them. Justice.

The boys had a good showing. Always proud of them. :)

And thanks to RealityFanForum.com, I have a bit of insight as to which teams make it to the Final 3. I won't put it here in case someone doesn't want to be spoiled, but if you want to know, just ask (and be sure your REPLY-TO EMAIL is set!)

Now that I know more of you watch this show, I'm going to try and include it now in my weekly TV Tuesday.

I liked this week's episode. And I was impressed with their choice for the Mole. I wasn't too sure, at the end of last season, how this would all play out. But I have to say, I'm enjoying the trajectory we're on right now. I'm still pretty sure the Fed guy is bad. I have a feeling he's a double-agent of sorts. But we'll see.

One thing the show has yet to address (at least explicitly) is the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies. I think we are already seeing several people's flashforwards coming true because they saw them coming true, and so they set events in motion to make them come true. Or, what they saw in their flashforwards wouldn't be happening had they not had a flashforward telling them it was supposed to happen. Does that make sense?? And not even as explicit as trying to get pregnant (do you think they did??? I'm not sure.) but even just Mark moving out of the house.

So....V. Anyone else watching this? After the first episode of this season - and was anyone else a little shocked by the way that ended? Um, this is primetime, people! - I wasn't really sure where we'd be going. But it is on a path I'm enjoying. I love that Joel Gretsch (the priest) is taking more initiative. He has been WAY under-utilized. Joel Gretsch, other than Scott Wolf, is by far the best actor on the series. Scott Wolf is really impressing me, too. Seeing them in the same scene was magic. I hope we get more of that!

What do they want Tyler for? Why is the "the one"? And, why are they really here? I mean, I get the idea that they want to, like, eat us all, but sometimes things happen that I don't see that playing out. I guess they understand that a frontal attack would be too difficult, even if they could win. So I guess they are wanting to - for lack of a better term - "domesticate" humanity first? I don't know. We'll see.

Who doesn't love a Desmond episode??? :) And it had Charlie, too!! *bigbigsquee*

Now, we know Desmond is somehow special, that the "rules" of time and space don't apply to Desmond, but is the same true for Eloise? After all, she seems to be all-knowing concerning both realities/timelines.

There's a theory floating around that A) this *other* (not alternate, as we discussed) timeline seems to be one where true love doesn't exist and B) going unconscious jumps you between realities.

AND - now we know what detonating the nuke accomplished - it created this splinter reality. That's why, when Juliet said, "It worked," it was because she saw this other reality. So that makes me feel better and it gives me a sense of closure.

I still can't even begin to guess where this is going. But I am really enjoying the ride!

What are you watching this week? I've got Army Wives: Season 1 on my Netflix list, so hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be caught up and able to talk about it :)


  1. Army Wives is a really good show. I do not know how accurate it is because I am not an Army wife but I really like it!

  2. Love the Oklahoma boys!-I'll say it every week until they win!

    I love V...(it's one of only a handful of shows that I'm keeping on the DVR for when the hubs gets home. It's not a show that is as predictable as most, which I really enjoy.

    Oh, and Army Wives...I got into it long before the Army came into my life but from my limited experience and perspective, it's not very accurate on a number of points but it's good chick drama which can be entertaining (it's on Lifetime after all).

    I'm thinking about re-trying LOST, I've been in and out of it a few times (it's just kind of draining to keep up).

    Love you TV Tuesdays

  3. You know how much I love Flash Forward, V and Lost!!! I can't wait to see how the seasons end for V and Flash Forward!


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