April 22, 2010

Just an Update

So I'm sitting here in the hotel room waiting for pizza to be delivered and SoldierMan is back for his last night in garrison (finally! only one night left!).

I made it safely and soundly to Columbus yesterday. I slept pretty much all day Wednesday, and while I needed it, it's really thrown my clock off! I slept on both planes and the shuttle from the airport! :) On the way to the hotel, though, I had a couple of interesting conversations. The guy I was sitting next to had just gotten out of the Army, but was staying on as a civilian contractor, was also from Oklahoma, and was headed to A-stan to work on helicopters. And the shuttle driver was a retired infantry Sgt. Plenty of good conversation to be had.

Wednesday was largely uneventful. When SoldierMan was finally released that evening, we had a quick dinner, ran some errands and came back to the hotel for a short time before he had to report for formation. Thursday (today) was more of the same. Hanging out, lounging by the pool and waiting for SoldierMan to get released. But we also had the social tonight, and that was fun. We (I) met a lot of great people, some spouses and SoldierMan got some good advice from a few infantry officers who joined in the party. All in all, it was fun. My feet are killing me now, though! The shoes I bought are made for sitting, not standing for 2+ hours! :) But it was still fun.

Although there were a couple of awkward moments. At one point, I met this really cool spouse and we were discussing possible careers for SoldierMan, and she asked me if I "liked deployments." At first I was like, "Well, I don't know...we haven't done one yet...." and then I thought, "Who would answer yes to that question?" She didn't mean anything by it, she was just discussing the various deployment lengths and rates of different battalions. But still...

And then at one point SoldierMan was introducing me to some of the guys, all of which were nice (most already with at least one beer in them) and one of them said something like, "Well, you have definitely lived up to my expectations." And I said, "Uh, okay." And he turns to SoldierMan (and had not yet let go of my hand) and said, "When are you deploying?" At which point SoldierMan says, "She carries a gun." Funny and weird all at the same time. But yeah. Awk-ward.

Unfortunately, I only got one picture from today, and it's a goober one.

I was waiting for SoldierMan to pick up the coffee for the social and was bored. I know it probably doesn't come across on here, but in real life I'm a very type-B person. And approaching random people I don't know and asking them to take my picture isn't my strong suit. And really, it wasn't the most conducive setting. Anyway, from now on we'll be taking many pictures. We've agreed. :)

So now I'm in the hotel room, eating pizza and getting very frustrated with the internet here. During the day it's superfast. But apparently the Wifi goes to bed at 2200. It's very annoying to me. I want to watch stuff online, not flip through the TV this late (never a good idea!) so I'm hoping it gets itself straightened out quickly.

Until next time....


  1. Haha! I can totally see a guy saying that but yeah...way awkward moment. Have a good night!

  2. At least you had pizza and be glad your Internet wasn't Hughes Net. God bless you and your soldier man

  3. I would've turned about 15 shades of red had someone said that to me with K standing there!!!!!

    I'm glad you made it safely!

  4. Glad you made it to Columbus safely!!

    Wow what an awkward moment haha. Some things people say never cease to amaze me :)

  5. Lol! Oh my goodness that is crazy!!! I think I would have slapped that guy with my free hand or something! Yikes. Good thing you do carry a gun... ;-) Haha!

  6. You just reminded me of Tony's R&R ... I'm extremely outgoing and will talk to anyone because of my career choice but Tony is very anti talking to strangers ... actually Tony doesn't like being around lots of people at all.

    Well almost all of our photos from R&R are mostly of other things and the ones of us *I* *took* LOL We even saw the Alamo and um we took the pictures separate. : p

    Sometimes people just don't know what to say. I've gotten use to this fact after my father committed suicide when I was seven. People want to say something and then when they do they just make the whole situation awkward ... "How did he do it?" (Like huh??) But it's the same with deployments and Military ... "well he isn't reenlisting right? he already went to Iraq." ... "he just did reenlist and he is proud to serve his country." I hope that makes sense. lol

  7. I always hate asking people to take pictures of me. I do it though. Usually the picture they take I don't like, and I don't want to keep talking them. So, then I have to ask someone else lol

  8. Hahaha! That is classic "She carries a gun" Good for him!

  9. bahahaha. "she carries a gun", love it!!

  10. Wow you are one travelling lady these days!

  11. I have to warn you that people will continue to ask stupid things as such. I have learned to laugh and take note of things NOT to say. I hope you like Columbus, I kind of miss it. I canNOT believe I'm saying this haha.

    I hope you enjoyed your pizza, I was craving it last night but the diet said No. :(

  12. I guess I'm the odd one out (no surprise there)...but I think SoldierMan's buddy was hilarious and I probably would have played along. Then again, there's nothing type B about me. Clearly, SoldierMan has said lots of wonderful things about you. Please tell him I think the "she carries a gun" line was perfect! LOL

    The deployment question from the other spouse would have been the weird one to me...but again, that's just me.

    Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself!

  13. Glad to hear you're having a fun and interesting time with SoldierMan! Yeah, you'll get into some interesting and sometimes downright weird beer-induced conversations with service members. You'll get used to it! Love the gun comment. My husband would have said the same thing!

  14. Glad you guys are back together! :).

  15. Oh pizza, how I miss you...!

    Loved the comment SoldierMan made about you packing heat - though I'm not sure if that would dissuade or encourage the potential paramour! Awkward, indeed.

    BTW, I let you an Honest Scrap Award on my blog :)

    Oh, and ANZAC Day commemorates the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps landing in Gallipoli on 25 April in 1915. Australia federated in 1901, and although Australian troops had fought in previous conflicts, they had served as members of state militias. Gallipoli was the first time Australian troops had served as Australians. It was a bloodbath and, unarguably, a decisive military defeat. But Australia bought its nationhood with blood on that April morning. So on the 25th of April each year we honour those who have served our nation and recognise their sacrifices.


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