April 18, 2010

In Lieu of a Movie Monday

I was going to do a Movie Monday today, but I'm just too distracted. For those not caught up, we found out last week SoldierMan's report date for IBOLC. That has thrown me into crisis-mode.

We have made plans
and changed them
and made plans
and changed them
and made plans
which will probably change again after SoldierMan talks to Transportation this week.

I'm not complaining. We just haven't done this before. There's quite a learning curve.

The worst part for me is being here by myself, and SoldierMan being on the other side of the country. So we can each make half a plan, then we coordinate at the end of the day, then adjust based on whatever information the other person has.

SoldierMan has been a dream through all of this. As soon as I start getting overwhelmed, he steps in and finds a way to let me breathe.

For example...

We're going to get a new car before we leave. We'd be replacing mine within the next few years anyway, and right now the car I (believe) I want is having a special promotion on new purchases. (We'll discuss that aspect of the stress at another time). So much about buying cars stresses me out. Frankly, I'm not good with money matters. If it involves numbers, my mind shuts down. So when you start talking about APRs and depreciation and negotiations.....yeah, you've lost me. Anyway, I need to go test drive a few here in the area. But that involves...going to a dealer. The 7th circle of Hell. But, to make the experience as painless as possible for me, SoldierMan found the cars (because he knew where to look. everytime I tried searching I came up empty.), and is going to call the dealer and tell them A) which cars we are looking at and B) not to try and sell me anything that day or they certainly lose the sale. He will call and negotiate with them later. So I can just walk in and walk out. Does this make me a wuss? I think I'm just incredibly lucky that he looks out for me, even from six states away.

So anyway, I have a boatload of stuff to do before I leave Wednesday morning. I can't believe it's here already! It feels like weeks since I last saw him, but I have so much to do before I leave! My list just for today has over a dozen items on it. For just one day. How did I let this happen?!

Anyway, compared to others, my week will be relatively calm. Our good friend Sarah is actually moving OCONUS this week. Yeah, yeah, to Hawaii. :) But I empathize with all the craziness her week will hold. After all, she's only two weeks ahead of me. So, say a prayer for her that everything goes smoothly, and to cheer her up, go participate in her follower drive! If she hits 100 followers by next Saturday, she'll have a special giveaway from Hawaii! Who doesn't want something from Hawaii, right?! No, I mean, it's for HER. Not for me so I have a chance of winning a fabulous giveaway. Nope.
Head on over and follow up!

In other news....

Today is April 19th. For Oklahoma, it's our September 11th. Today is the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City. At 9:02 a.m., there will be a moment of silence observed to remember the 168 victims.

There are going to be several feature news stories today on mainstream news outlets covering the anniversary of the Murrah Bombing. I advise you to take what you hear with a grain of salt. Timothy McVeigh was not right or left on the political spectrum. He was an America-hating maniac who was manipulated by terrorists into channeling his demented emotions into mass murder. For years, pundits and politicians have tried to blame various completely unrelated ideologies for the Murrah bombing. Frankly, I think Jayna Davis's investigative work is the primer on understanding what led up to the attack in OKC, as well as the subsequent events and why John Doe #2 was never caught. Her work has been endorsed by former heads of the CIA, the State Department, and a former assistant Secretary of Defense.

Today, we remember. And commit to never forget
- to always be ready -
and to pray for our brothers and sisters fighting overseas to keep the war from coming home.


  1. Good luck with the whole car search thing!

    I wouldn't know the first thing about it.

    Wow..it's been 15 years. I remember watching it on the news. April seems to be a bad month for tragedy... a few days was the VA Tech shooting, today the Oklahoma bombing, and tomorrow the Columbine shooting.

  2. UGH, good luck with the whole PCS thing - may the force be with you! I am still waiting to find out where we are heading, so I'll be coming to you for advice in a few months :)

    And don't stress out about the car just think about how great it will be to enjoy all that new car smell soon! And SoldierMan is totally going above and beyond! Can I give him DM's number? ;)

    I observed a minute's silence this morning (not quite accurate with the time difference, but there you are). Perspective and remembrance we all need a little more of it.

  3. What a sweet husband! I love that he is going above and beyond for you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

    My heart breaks to think about this day 15 years ago. I'm so glad we were able to visit the memorial while we've been here.. it was very eye opening.

    Hang in there with everything. I feel the same way right now.. it's very overwhelming. For me, it's knowing that I'm moving to a new place without having a home to stay in. That causes more then slight anxiety!

  4. Wow, I think it's awesome that he's willing to do that for you!!! And yay for new car!!!

    Thanks for another shout out! The packers are taking a break right now...*sigh* These people are SERIOUS about taking breaks. lol

  5. You have an awesome hubby! Praying the move goes smoothly for y'all.

  6. SoldierMan sounds like the sweetest guy. And not to scare you, but the whole making plans, changing plans circle never ends when you're a military family. You'll learn to use pencil on your calendars in anticipation of erasing plans. It gets easier though. Keep smiling!

  7. Oh how I know the feelings and frustration all too well. Just remember to keep in mind that its going to happen the way it will happen and you stressing and fuming about it only makes it harder on you. You can do it!!

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  8. We will be moving again in June and I still think it is such a hassle and confusing about the timing and info. I do feel like it is a little easier than the first time, but still challenging. Hang in there. You can do it! And you will be so happy once you are settled at your new duty station with your sweetheart.

  9. Love what you said at the end.

    Good luck with the car buying. I cannot imagine having to do it myself. You're so lucky that he's "there" to help you with it! :)

    Good luck getting everything done, girly!!

  10. First of all, wow! I can't believe it's been 15 years since the OKC bombing. I was in 4th grade when it happened and remember it like yesterday.

    Good luck looking at cars and getting ready for the move!

  11. We just found out that we are PCSing to Ft. Hood in August and all I can tell you is that I have never been this calm about a move before. This is our very first state side move (I am not counting the two-hour move from my husband's hometown in WA to Ft. Lewis, WA) and I am very thrilled about it. So there is hope for you that it will only get better after your first move! :)


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