March 2, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

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Much has been given us from on high, and much will rightly be expected of us in return. Into our care the ten talents have been entrusted; and we are to be pardoned neither if we squander and waste them, nor yet if we hide them in a napkin; for they must be fruitful in our hands. Ever throughout the ages, at all times and among all peoples, prosperity has been fraught with danger, and it behooves us to beseech the Giver of all things that we may not fall into love of ease and luxury; that we may not lose our sense of moral responsibility; that we may not forget our duty to God, and to our neighbor.
~President Theodore Roosevelt


  1. great quote! too many times we get caught up in the hurry of life and waste our talents.

  2. I <3 Teddy Roosevelt! So much wisdom from that man.

  3. Great quote, as always! I promise to link mine up later...I'm running behind as usual.

    Quick question...since you changed your URL, your posts aren't showing up on my reader. What can I do?

    And I think I figured out how to put a button on my blog. Grab one if you get a chance!


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