March 10, 2010

Wednesday (+ LOST)

Wow, doesn't that title just grab you?

Sorry, I just couldn't think of anything snazzier.

I've had a mildly productive week so far, and I'm pretty excited about it. I got some deep cleaning done on Monday, and that's always good. :) Then I got some money stuff handled today. And picked up the latest Andrew Klavan from the library. Which reminds me that I need to do more book reviews. So I'm working on making that a more regular thing. It will also help me read more.

While I was out today, I went to Target.

Did you just get a small thrill, too? :)

Anyway, I've got my beautiful big pink purse and my cute little pink S&W, and I needed find a way to carry it in such a way that wasn't conspicuous (hence the "concealed" part) and all the pockets in my purse were full of junk (pens, lipgloss, Tylenol) so I thought, why don't I buy some little makeup bags to keep in my purse and organize all the many, many loose object in my purse, and out of the main big pocket. So I went to Target, and lo and behold!

Cute little makeup bags! And I found a stack of $.99 bins full of them. *grin* I was so excited. So I grab a few and march up to the checkout counter and the lady is checking me out.

I stand there at the card swiper thing ready to pay, and she double-checks the ticket. "Oh," she says. "It looks like one of these rang up differently. It's $3.99, not $.99." Um. Okay. It was in the same bin as the others. "Yeah, well, this one, it's a different brand. So...." And I thought, well, I could go back, dig through and find a new one. But I was already there and already rung up. So I just said, "Whatever, I'll just take it." Eh. It's only the difference of a couple of bucks. Although next time, I will learn to double-check the prices on the actual items!

Now I'm home and the purse is all cute and organized with cute little bags. It's a good feeling., because I'm obsessed, some LOST!!! :)

I won't comment much on last night's episode for the benefit of the BBs still in previous seasons except to say that, content-wise, I wasn't impressed. I didn't feel like we learned anything new or anything that wasn't already assumed. I guess we just had some things confirmed, but not revealed. I'm getting impatient!

But I will say...I'm about finished with season 2 on Netflix. And I have to say, Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) saved that show. Season 2 was, to me, pure dullsville until he showed up. I never connected with the Tailies, except to be glad that Bernard made it home. I do not like Ben Linus the character, but I LOVE Michael Emerson, the actor. Did you know he originally wasn't supposed to be on but for a few episodes? Just a small guest role. But they saw how good he was, how the fans responded - and how desperately he was needed - and well, you know the rest of the story!

What was your feeling on last night's show?


  1. I want to see the Pink S&W! I told hubby I wanted a pink weapon before he deployed (Ok, I said shotgun because I felt all I had to do was HOLD it to scare someone, not even shoot haha) But I am currently weaponless... maybe one day. I really liked your post about carrying a gun by the way, it made a lot of sense.
    I was always told never have/point/shoot a gun unless you intend on KILLING someone, and I haven't quite figured out how I feel about that just yet... I mean if it's kill or be killed... but that's part of the reason I haven't quite made the leap yet and still more or less joke about owning one instead of taking steps to get one.
    And now you know half my life story, sorry for such a long comment!

  2. I wasn't all that impressed with the Lost episode either. I keep waiting for something really big to happen! And personally, I don't think any episode is good if Sawyer isn't in it.


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