March 29, 2010

TV Tuesday

Okay, we have to start with Amazing Race.

Oh. My. Gravy. The boys about near gave my a heart attack! It all came down to the seating on the plane. Had that been different, had the models and the brothers not gotten the excellent seats, they would have been in the bottom two spots, I'm convinced. It would have been an entirely different race. BUT - I'd like to see any of those other teams swim out 300 meters one-way to retrieve something they forgot to duke it out for last place without complaining or blaming someone else.

In the "extra scenes" or whatever they're called on, Phil asked them, "What about all the cowboys watching the show today? What do you think they're thinking right now?" Jet replies, "'Those guys don't swim very fast.'" :) No complaining. No bitterness. Just a determination to fight on. Leaving the bottle was a stupid mistake. Lesson learned.

So, I'm holding out some hope that next week will not follow the historic precedent that nearly all speed-bumped teams get eliminated (barring a U-turn or something, as we've seen.) It's entirely possible to catch up depending on what the next week's tasks are, and let's be honest, there are a couple of teams they could easily bypass depending on the task.

I have to say though, it made for plenty of good potential screencaps this week. :)

And since I've found out I have some BBs who watch it, too...

I was very impressed with this show last season, especially the first half. Frankly, the episode where Agent Goff died was, I think, one of the finest in TV history. Then I sort of lost interest as the storyline got a little unraveled. This season pulled me back in.

I'll be honest, there's only one scene I really remember from this week, and if you watched, you can probably guess which. Considering someone we care about got that knock on the door just two weeks ago, I about fell apart when I saw it on screen. I had to say out loud - several times - "It's not real, it's on TV, it's not me." I didn't rewatch this episode. I couldn't take it. However, I do like the way Simon is developing (even though I still call him Charlie ;))

Speaking of.....


Okay, last week's episode was probably my favorite of this season, and I think it's possibly one of the best of the entire series. Yes, there wasn't much "new information," and in fact I think what we did learn seems to sort of contradict what we assumed. But the big deal - Nestor Carbonell was finally given the opportunity to shine! He is such a fantastic actor - reaffirmed to me in yesterday's movie. That final scene with Richard, Isabella and Hurley is....magical. Epic, even. This was a beautiful episode, and I'm not even upset that we didn't get any answers.

Considering he essentially carried the episode himself, I think there can be little doubt that he's one of the best actors of the series.

Now, I'm having to repeat to myself my mantra for this season - "Whatever Happened, Happened." We were given some interesting information this week. Jacob's story with the wine bottle and the cork was unsatisfying, to me. He tells Richard that he is there to contain Evil Personified on this island - and says that, as long as he's got him there, he's conducting some sort of series of tests to see whether or not people are inherently sinful or not. Two observations: 1) If his goal is to keep evil trapped on the island, well, look at the world. He's not doing that hot of a job. 2)How did Evil become personified, and what is Jacob (not "who," because I think they are now to be understood as "whats") and who brought them there? Who determined that one would be evil and one not evil? And if he's spending the passing millenia just trying to win an argument with the Man in Black....sorry, if this turns out to be one big sociology experiment I'll be severely disappointed. There better be A LOT more to this than that.

Okay guys, what are your theories? I really, really want to know. If you put theories or just general TV Tuesday discussions on your blog, link up below!

Oh! I forgot - V comes back tonight!!! Anyone else watch??


  1. I love flashforward. I was so sad when I found out they weren't going to be starting up again until the end of March (aka AFTER the Hus deployed) because we always watched it together.

  2. Go Cowboys! ...oh my, what did I just type?!

  3. I am really looking forward to V tonight! :) I have yet to catch up on Lost, and I have a few episodes to catch up on FlashForward.

    I'm not a big reality TV girl. (Also I don't have TV here. Just movies and Hulu/Netflix online.) So I've never even seen Amazing Race. But it looks interesting.

  4. I love Flash Forward and Lost but I'm a couple of episodes behind on each. So don't tell me! I have a date with my DVR this weekend!

  5. That Lost episode was so great! I loved it. I also love watching Flash Forward and V. I'm so excited for V to be back on tonight!

  6. sorry it has been forever since I have commented life has been crazy I love flashforward too! so good!! Hopefully Ill update my blog roll soon to get you back into my live feed...but I still go read ya! no worries there I love your blog too much not to!


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