March 22, 2010

TV Tuesday

So this week, I've been watching an old favorite - Moonlighting. One of the many couple detective shows from the 80s, like Remington Steele and Hart to Hart. Moonlighting had its own twist, though - the couple was made up of a pretty but otherwise unemployable ex-model (Cybil Shepard) and a savvy but otherwise unemployable investigator (Bruce Willis). The solution? Go into business for themselves, of course!

It was a pretty racy show, but also really fun. Bruce Willis, bless him, cannot sing. :) No, it's not a musical, but he's singing all the time. In fact, his personality in this reminds me a lot of SoldierMan - serious when the time calls for it, otherwise making it his mission to make sure you have fun. Netflix has it for rent. You should check it out.

And of course - Amazing Race!

Okay, I know this will probably annoy some of you, but HALLELUJAH! Team Big Brother is gone! They were so annoying! And frankly, I'll forgive my boys for getting all turned around this week, since almost everyone got bad directions. I finally got my sister to watch this week with me, and it was pretty tense there in the middle, as you might imagine. She was like, 'Great, if this is the week they get kicked off, I'm never watching again.' But, thankfully, they survived. Hopefully they can pick up the pace next week!

And finally -

This is my new logo for LOST. Because I'm just going to have to accept that there will be questions that won't be answered, answers I won't like or be satisfied with. I just have to go ahead and deal with that now.

Because, I came up with a "monster" question this weekend in rewatching Season 4 (I'm now halfway through Season 5). For those of you keeping up, at the end of Season 4, the bad guys storm the island and kill Ben's daughter. Ben then unleashes the Smoke Monster on them and implies that he is in control of it - as evidenced by the fact that the Smoke Monster doesn't attack them even though they are standing right there.

Well, now we all know what/who the Smoke Monster is. Which begs the question - how the heck did Ben get it to do anything? Was he really working for Jacob? I'm not sure anymore. The scene in the shack surrounded by ash (presumably to keep the Man in Black/Smokey in the cabin) and now this...grr. We'll probably never know.

But I am SOOOOOO excited for tonight's episode - and I'm really trying not to get my hopes up. For those who don't know, this epi is supposed to be all about Richard!


  1. oh no..i loved team big brother...:)
    they are so cute!!

    but, now i am pulling for the cowboys :o)

  2. thanks for the sweet photo comment!!!

    im not a big tv fan, but I do love the Office!

  3. The office is so funny! Always entertaining. Glad I ran across your blog!

  4. I love the old Moonlighting Series! I have all the seasons on dvd! I loved their secretary, she was always hilarious! You should do link ups for this!


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