March 8, 2010

TV Tuesday

obviously this is an old one, as LOST is now on Tuesday nights instead of Thursdays.
but it's still classic.

I finished the first season of LOST through Netflix. Wow, that was awesome. The best season of what has the potential to be the best TV show ever. But it was also a very frustrating experience. For one thing, it reminded me of why and how much I intensely hated Jack. Also Kate, but mostly Jack. Remember this awesomely bad wig in a couple of flashbacks?

But also, it reminded me of all the questions that haven't been answered and most likely never will be answered. (Warning, this may be slightly spoilerish).

Why was Walt special and why does nobody care anymore after two seasons of it being about how WAAAAAAAAAAAALT is special and kidnapped? And does it matter that, out of all the people asked to come back, he didn't?
When Rousseau saw "black smoke," did she mean like smoke from a fire or did she mean Smokey?
Why are THOSE numbers all over the place, if there have been people assigned to every number from 1-360? Who broadcast them from the island, and why?
We've seen that the Smoke monster aka the Man in Black aka Anti-Jacob aka Un-Locke has been involved in the Survivors' lives since they arrived on the island. Had Jacob?
Who were the Dharma people REALLY taking orders from - Jacob or Anti-Jacob? And what was the point of all the Dharma stuff anyway? I mean the Real Life stuff - the contests, the Van sightings, the ARG?

Now: Amazing Race. Were those team pairings oh-so-predictable or what? And how the heck did that hat stay on? But yet again, even though they came in 4th, the boys made me happy. Had they not been a little directionally-challenged at one point, I think they could have pulled of another 1st place, but that's okay. They can pick it up next week. And even still, I'm just proud of them for keeping it classy.

Seriously, I have a hankering to go down to Ada and try and find them just to give them a hug. Actually, they're both single, and I have a friend I'd really like to introduce one of them to. :)

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  1. I don't watch Amazing Race, but I do watch Lost. I have to say that I'm utterly LOST right now. They say there are only 10 episodes left before the big finale so i'm hoping they start answering some questions soon!

  2. Even though I'm only on season 2 of LOST right now...I still read your slightly spoilerish posts. =) But, I'm a little sad that I haven't really learned anything! I hope they can wrap the series up and answer all of our questions...

  3. I can't believe that Lost is actually coming to an end this season! I'm gonna miss it.

  4. Can't wait for Lost tonight! I'm ready to start getting some answers!!


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