March 9, 2010

Stressed (Warning: lots of virtual yelling involved)

I am having a day.

One of those days where nothing seems to work right. Mostly computer stuff, but also some other things as well. None of which, of course, I can go into here.

Last night was FCRW meeting. As usual, the meeting went fabuloso. Mostly because I happened to capture a fabulous guest speaker. I'm really going to miss that when we move. I'm already researching Republican Women's clubs at our potential BOLC stations. I hate being out of the loop!

But last night - unrelated to the meeting itself - I heard some incredibly frustrating news. And this is where I go slightly political on you, though not partisan.

I have a whole rant prepared on why you don't vote for someone based on where they go to church. I was one of the very, very few at my church who is not head over heels in love with Mike Huckabee. I don't even like saying his name. I voted for the Mormon. So there.

But you should never, ever, ever base your vote on denomination or lack thereof. It is hardly ever an indicator of whether that person is right for the job. Campaigns are a job interview, elections are a hiring process. We are hiring people to do a job and just because they are female or a minority or go to a certain church does not mean they can do the job.

And that's the cliffnotes version. So there. I feel better now.

If only my computer were that easy to fix. I've been told several times that I'm "hard on laptops" and so this is somehow my fault. Really? This is my second laptop in 5 years. That's not a bad track record, I think.

And the last one, the Acer - yes, the power cord died on that one, too....after over 2 years!! This one lasted 14 months!! And the previous laptop? What killed it? The motherboard crapped out. A hardware issue. Pretty sure I didn't cause that! And yet, somehow, this must be MY fault. Not a design flaw, seeing as how we've already had components break off inside the laptop! Nope, that's got to be my fault too. Not Toshiba's for making a crappy product. Okay, I will take responsibility for trying to save $150 and buying this instead of the nicer brand one step above it. That was my fault. Mostly.

And people, stop trying to push MACs on me. I worked with what were at the time top of the line G5s for 3 semesters in college. (You know they were hot off the assembly line, because since when did a publicly-funded institute try and save taxpayer money on things like computers? "Need 4? Buy 7!") They crashed and burned and lost data more than the older PCs we used. The stupid things couldn't even be counted on to complete a full render in Final Cut every day. I'd rather have a machine that I can truly work on and make my own and get the size and space I need that won't cost me a car.

And SoldierMan's desktop has, again, decided it doesn't feel like seeing the internet today. So sorry. And there's not much I can do about that, because that's to do with some changes made to the network, not his computer. And since it looks like I'll be shelling out money for a computer piece sometime this week, I don't want to spend it on a new router. So oh well.


Make me feel better. Enter the giveaway at the top. Please.


  1. =( I *heart* my Mac. I have to say though that the G5's weren't the best ever created computers. I bought my MacBook after going through 3 laptops in almost as many years, because I'd heard such great reviews about them. I've only had one problem with mine, but that's because it's a laptop and NOT a desktop. I want an iMac. BADLY.

  2. I completely agree with you on the political issue. I could get up on my soapbox and spend ALL day on that very problem. It drives me mad when people vote for a candidate based on a personal characteristic and not on the issues or their voting record.

    Technology hates me. If you have to plug it up or put batteries in is NOT going to work right for me.

    Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you!!

  3. Oh yuck, what a rough day you're having. If it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure I'm entered in the giveaway. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. we love {{macs}} here in this house :o)

  5. Nice rant! Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. :-)

  6. Finally someone who used Macs and doesn't want to go back to them! :) I am in the same boat. I bought a little iBook (I think that's what they are called) back in 2005. While it felt awesome to be on the "cool" side, I realized that, being a scientist, Macs are not the way to go. Most of the software that I use can only be used with Windows or Linux. While I know that people can run those operating systems on a Mac, I don't understand why I would spend so much money for a Mac computer just to switch back to the good ole Windows. Anyways, I am happy with my HP laptops. It runs all the scientific software I need which makes me happy. :)


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