March 14, 2010

Spring Forward Your Face

I was going to start off with how much I hate the concept of Spring Forward and how utterly pointless it is, considering it wasn't even instituted here until the 20th century and half the world doesn't do it and yet they, too, have an extra hour of sun during the summer....but I'm not going to.

Instead, I'm going to share with you some fabulous news!

I didn't break my computer!!

I wish I could insert Stars and Stripes Forever playing here, because a fanfare seems appropriate.

No, I went to the computer place yesterday and yet again asked them to check my cord and computer to see where the issue lay. Apparently a tiny (and apparently common) power surge fried both cords.

So, now I have to get another cord. Boo. And figure out what to do about the old one. I don't think they'll accept it back in this condition. Not for a refund, anyway. But I can try? Or should I? Is that unethical? What would you do?


  1. Yeah I'm not a big fan of changing the clocks... sometimes I just want to boycott but then I'd miss all my appointments and that'd be no good.
    You could try (returning), but they usually ask if anything is wrong with it and that's where ethics come in... do you go with nah, wrong cord and get money back or tell them the truth and possibly not get to return it?

  2. This is terrible to admit...but I have [on occasion] told a small little white lie in order to return something. In this case, I might have said, "It's just not charging my computer the way it should." Not technically a lie..because it's not, but you're also omitting the part that you know what made it not charge your computer. I know, it's bad...but those stinkin' cords are expensive!

  3. Ugh, yeah spring forward is not one of my favorite times lol.

    It depends on how long you've had the cord. If you haven't had it that long then I'd definitely try to return it. Maybe it was defective?

  4. I want my hour back!!

    You could always try returning it. All they can say is no.

  5. Springing forward one measly hour normally takes me a few WEEKS to adjust to. Sorry I've been slacking on the comments, I am back in the blog groove now!

  6. Ugh I hate Daylight Savings too and don't even understand the effing point!


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