March 12, 2010


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I've become friends with my parents' treadmill. Which means pulling my Shuffle out of mothballs and listening to music as I work out once again. I've got something like 8 hours of music on there - anything and everything (except Rap. I've really never been able to get into it. At all.) so I never really know what it will pull up - showtunes, pop, classic rock, celtic, whatever.

So I'm "shuffling" through music the other day while I'm walking and come across an old "friend."

No, I don't really know her. But I wish I did.

Emmy Rossum.

I first "met" her in a made-for-TV Disney movie about science and ice skating. (It's a made-for-TV Disney movie, mmkay? Don't hate.) Anyway, she must've been about 14 years old and I thought she was adorable. I don't know what the female equivalent of a "man crush" is, but that's when mine began.

Then "The Day After Tomorrow" came out. Lousy movie. But fabulous Emmy!

Then, the magnum opus - Phantom!!!

Oh, be still my heart, the girl can sing, too!! (Not to mention that's also when I "met" Gerard Butler, but that's a different story!)

So I became a bit obsessed with her.

Imagine my delight when a few years ago she released a CD! Titled: Inside Out. And it's amazingly unique. She wrote most of the lyrics herself, so it's intensely personal.

In fact, one of the best songs on there isn't the most vocally dynamic, but will rip your heart out:
"Anymore," about growing up without a father.
Makes me cry every time.

She's been in several other movies, mostly indie things I haven't seen. And she's supposedly working on a new album. *squee*

But here is one of my favorites. Fun fact: all the vocals in this song are her. And, even though at times you forget it, it's actually a cappella. All the "instrumentation" sound is her voice, as well. Most of the songs on the album are also that way.

Here is another one, and why I wish she was my best friend: I LOVE her style!! I wish I could dress up like her every day. She claims she made this video herself, and that may or may not be true, considering the editing is less than seamless - and those are her bedroom curtains. (No, I'm not a crazy stalker, it was on MTV's Cribs. Yeah. Obsessed.) Either way, it's adorable.

Oh, and Emmy Rossum is the #1 reason I even consider growing my hair out again. I want her hair. Bad.

Have you rediscovered any old favorites lately?


  1. I had no idea she sang! I've seen her in the movies you mentioned but I had no clue that she had an album out!

  2. Wow- love the song and love her style too!

  3. I had no idea she was a singer! What a pleasant surprise, I think I will definitely pick up the album and listen to the song you spoke of, since I like her grew up without a father... pretty much anyway, and a mom, but that's a whole different can of worms. LOL Thanks for sharing this with us.


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