March 23, 2010


Everyone remember to pray for Rachel today. Today is her husband's funeral. I know I wish I could be there physically, but since I (we) can't, we can all support her in our prayers. And remember to drop by and leave her a note telling her you were praying for her today.

Also, my friend Sarah is having surgery today. You can read her story here. This is, hopefully, the end of a very long and painful battle.

Lastly, remember to pray for my friend Jeannie, starting chemo this week in her second battle against breast cancer. You can read more about that here.


  1. Will be praying for all three of them!
    and of course, our country.

  2. I just wanna give all those girls a big hug! I'm definitely praying for them.

  3. I'm praying for all three girls

  4. Rachel is weighing heavy on my heart. Your friends will be in my prayers also.

  5. Wow a lot of tough things happening!

    Thanks for the reminder about Rachel and I will be checking out those other blogs as well!!!!!

  6. I can't imagine it...praying that peace envelops Rachel

  7. praying for a peace that passes all of her understanding..bless rachel!!
    praying for your friends too!!

  8. Prayers have been and will continue to be sent up for all of these amazing women! May God watch over them in these times of need.

  9. I would love to send something from Cindys Hope Chest to Jeannie:)Let me know how I can get her info.

    fighting like a girl


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