March 14, 2010

Movie Monday

For today's Movie Monday, I'm going to share an old favorite with you that has absolutely no military connection whatesoever :)

"Alex has a lifetime full of wonderful memories. Unfortunately, they're not his."

That's the tagline for the movie. The premise is this:

Louie, Corinne and Philip are three peas in a pod, best friends who do everything together. Both Louie and Philip are in love with Corinne. Corinne loves Philip, but is in love with Louie. Sounds complicated? It's not, really. Louie and Corinne get married and Philip is a fully-supportive Best Man. The three of them spend one year being happy together and happy for each other.

Louie is an attorney, working - naturally - on the "big case." He discovers the judge of the "big case" is corrupt, and before he can rush the evidence to Philip (now a major newspaper reporter), he goes to have dinner with Corinne. Oh, did I mention they just found out they are pregnant?

Life couldn't get any better. Except - while Louie crosses the street to the restaurant, he is hit by a car and killed - in front of Corinne.

The next thing we see is Louie in "Heaven" (or Limbo, really) waiting in line with all the other "souls" to be reincarnated. He sneaks down to earth to be reborn immediately - while taking all the memories of his life with him (which is strictly against the rules!).

That's just the first 10 minutes.

Flashforward 20-ish years later. Enter Alex, the adorable rising star Robert Downey, Jr. He's graduating college, wanting to be a newspaper reporter. He meets Miranda, a pretty girl studying law. They happen to meet up again in DC while he's looking for work. Miranda, as it turns out, is Louie and Corinne's daughter. They start to fall in love. Corinne has never remarried, and Philip is still the devoted best friend, still in love with Corinne. But neither can move past the memory of Louie.

Suddenly, through a series of crazy events, Alex realizes that he is Louie reincarnated. And he is in love with Corinne. And Miranda.

Okay, okay, I know it sounds cheesy on paper, and it is. But it's one of the best RomCom's I've ever seen. This was Robert Downey, Jr's real breakout film as a romantic lead, and he's marvelous! (What can I say? He reminds me of SoldierMan at this age. :))

The ending might be a bit predictable (what RomCom isn't?) but it's very sweet. The movie is sincere from beginning to end. And, compared to the RomCom's of today, it's practically G-rated! Very little language, a little sensuality but no naked. It's a great Girl's Night flick!!

I'm switched to Netflix now, but I'm pretty sure Blockbuster has it, too.


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