March 7, 2010

Movie Monday

For today's Movie Monday, I'm not doing a review.

I'm celebrating the glory that was Sandra Bullock's win last night.

Finally, after 20 years of fantastic performances, she is finally recognized for being what she is: a star.

She's not just an "actress." Anyone who can memorize and recite lines can be an actress.

Bullock has star quality that we haven't seen the likes of since Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn.

The kind of star who can shine even in a not so stellar film. Her movies haven't always been hits, but she has.

It's come late and taken far, far too long.

But congrats, Sandra. You deserve it.


  1. She is BY FAR my favorite actress. I think she's wonderful and I was so glad to see her win. I watched all night just to see it. Yay! Congrats to Sandra

  2. love her!!!!
    she killed me in Blindside.
    but she's been great for a long time, you are so right:O)

  3. So glad she won! I love her!

  4. I know! I absolutely LOVE her, and I thought that she deserved it for sure. Not to mention, the movie she won it for was FANTASTIC and sent such a great message. Well deserved!

  5. i was thrilled that she won!!!

    i love her and she looked gorgeous :o)

  6. I love her! Hands down one of my most fav!

  7. I love her! I did not get to watch all of the Oscars because I was studying, but I did watch the end to see if she won. I agree it was way past due!


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