March 15, 2010


Obviously, I gave the blog a little facelift last night. I'm sort of in limbo waiting on feedback for an official professional redo, but I needed a change. So last night I stayed up 2 hours later than I intended jimmying with this setup to make it work. And I admit, it's still not seamless, but it'll do. (BTW, the background source at the top - doesn't have this layout in 3-column format. I changed it. That and creating a header is what took so long. So don't go looking for it there, but they have tons of really cute 2-column ones you can use!)

This week is a big week for us. Friday - is Branch Day! (that's probably not the official term - in fact I'm sure it's not - but that's what it is to me). Friday, we finally find out where we'll be and what SoldierMan will be doing for the next who-knows-how-long. This week he has his History and MI classes and tests, plus branching, so things could get stressful. Anyway, by Friday evening I will have BIG news to share!

And so, in addition to sharing that BIG news with you, on Friday I will also announce the winner of the Chick-fil-A giveaway! I had fun, did you? I like those random questions that make you think outside of the box in a total nonsensical way.

I should give props to RedEye's Greg Gutfeld. He's the one who originally asked this question of my favorite Catholic, Father Jonathan.

Start at about 2:25 for the conversation in question

Speaking of giveaways - go check out these sweet giveaways by Kate on both of her blogs: Sometimes Life is Messy and Fit & Fabulous. She is an AF wife stationed in Japan and is giving away some (what is sure to be) gorgeous Japanese pottery!! I'm super excited!


  1. That's exciting that you will be finding out where you are going! I'm sure you both are anxious and excited to know! :)

  2. How exciting!
    I love the new look!

  3. love the new header!

    i am sure you will be relieved to know where you will be moving.

  4. LOVE the makeover! It looks great. Can't wait to hear the big news on Friday!


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