March 6, 2010

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been good with commenting the last few days. I have been reading, but my brain has just felt too fried to comment on all your incredibly interesting and insightful posts. And also, I may or may not have been using all my spare time - and most of the essential time, too - watching LOST. :) Anyway, it's nothing personal. I just have been...fried.

Tried to go shooting yesterday. Didn't work out. 38S+p ammo is very hard to find in practice rounds. And I'm not wasting hollow points on practice shooting. (This can be a very expensive hobby if you aren't careful!) I tried two different places, and finally gave up and went and got my nails done. :) I've needed to for a while but had been putting it off. But I'm a chronic, incurable nail-biter and repainting my nails every 48 hours was not only annoying but essential for keeping me from gnawing them all the way down. And SoldierMan encourages me to pamper myself, so I'm back into acrylic. Yay.

SoldierMan and I had a date last night. ORLY? you say? Yes. Thanks to Netflix, we watched a movie together: I in my room, He in his room. We sat on the phone for an hour and a half and watched Monsters, Inc. He'd never seen it. It was awesome. I know you won't think I'm crazy when I tell you that, when I watch a TV show or movie, I'm constantly turning to his spot on the bed and talk to him...even though he's not there. I just have to, you know? But this time he was. It was nice. :)


  1. I've never done the watch a movie together, but I've always thought it's a great way to stay connected across the miles. And you can't go wrong with Monsters, Inc either!

  2. When hubby was deployed we kinda did the same thing. We weren't able to talk in the phone though, so in our emails we planned a time to watch the same movie and then we'd email each other when the movie was over (we were lucky we were in the same time zone - he was in South America) so we could then email about it afterward.

    And I love Monsters, Inc!

    Oh, and I saw your Netflix post - I love love love it! I could stay up all night catching up on shows I have missed out on since we got rid of cable.

  3. what a cool idea!!
    my hubby and i never did that!!!

  4. so sweet to watch the movie together!
    (and we love that movie, watched it on one of our first official dates, WOW!)
    i also, know how Lost can fry the brain.... you really need those commercials and week in between episodes to not be stressed! watching one after another after another after another makes you feel like YOU are on the island TOO! haha.

  5. Monster's Inc is such a great movie! I am glad you two got to have a "date night!"

  6. That's so sweet!

    Sorry, I missed your blog the past couple of days. When you changed your URL, it didn't show up in my dashboard. I fixed it though :)

  7. Awwww =) That's such a sweet idea! I *heart* netflix. I think I may be watching too much Lost...I've had several dreams about it this past week. Lol!

  8. I think your "date" is SUPER cute!

  9. What an AWESOME date night! I hope my husband will be able to do stuff like that when he's deployed.


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