March 4, 2010

Friday Randomness

To begin with, please remember to check out my giveaway at the top of the page! You don't want to miss this one!
Those of you not on facebook didn't see that I joined Netflix late Wednesday night. Blockbuster has been getting more and more stupid over the years. I've had an online account with them for about 6 years now, and at first it was an awesome deal. Now, they just keep creating new loopholes to screw you. So while I was on the phone with SoldierMan Wednesday night, he suggested (for the umpteenth time) to try Netflix. So I put the Blockbuster account on hold and got the Netflix free trial.

I'm sold. The online streaming alone is worth it, plus they have movies for mail rental that I had been waiting months for at Blockbuster, and some Blockbuster didn't even have. (Now, Blockbuster also had some indie stuff that Netflix didn't but not much.)

Anyway, I christened the new account by watching one of my favorite movies, which I will talk about in a couple of days for Movie Monday :) Right after that, even though it was late, I couldn't stop watching - want to get my money's worth, right? - so I am now about 2/3 the first season of LOST. And let me tell you, that's been an emotional rollercoaster! On the one hand, it's like seeing old friends again. On the other hand, it reminds me of all the questions we never did and probably never will get answers to. (I miss Walt!)
Here's one just for you milwives. I don't come from a "military family", per se. But my uncles and cousins have been in various branches of the armed services. I always thought it was tradition that when a soldier got promoted/commissioned, his wife got to pin his new rank on him. I'm pretty sure that's still the case, because I've seen your photos.

I don't think SoldierMan knows of this tradition. He mentioned to me, at the possibility of a friend of his coming to his OCS graduation, that he would like his friend to pin him. Now, that would be a really cool thing, to be sure. This friend is retired infantry. It would definitely be an honor for SoldierMan if his friend participated in his commissioning. I am not trying to downplay that at all. This guy has been a good friend and mentor to SoldierMan throughout this whole process.

However, I can't deny that my heart dropped a bit when he said that. He hasn't mentioned this to his friend, that I'm aware of. So it's not as though this is any sort of plan. But like I said, I don't think SoldierMan - having zero military connection in his growing up years - would be aware of this tradition. I guess my question is, would it be weird for me not to pin him? I don't know. I like the idea of having my hands free to take the pictures of Friend pinning SoldierMan. And that would be a great memory, and like I said, a real honor. And it's not like it'll be his only pinning. I don't know. Maybe I don't have a point. I think I just needed to get this out, is all.
In other news, before the breakaway from Blockbuster, Mom and Brother asked me to rent "2012" for them. So we popped it in Wednesday night to watch. It. Was. Awful. I mean, I don't like disaster movies, but Mom does, and even she couldn't stand it. We ultimately fastforwarded through the last 45 minutes just to get to the end and have some closure. It was the most tedious movie I have seen in forever. No wonder it stunk at the box office. It's just a bad movie.
The computer problems have multiplied. My power cord - my new just-replaced power cord - has some knd of short in it. It overheats in about two minutes. Which, of course, it didn't start doing until my batter was down to nearly no charge. So now I have to find some other way of powering my laptop. So frustrating!!!! Oh, and SoldierMan's desktop - not hooked up to the internet. Long story there. So I'm using what little charge I have left to write this. (There's not enough to do anything more productive, so it's not like I'm wasting it.)
Oh! While I was out yesterday, I got the cutest dress from NY&C. Yes, I finally succumbed to temptation and poor money management. Getting an email every other day advertising SALE! SALE! SALE! wore me down.
And yes, I am still going to buy scrapbooking supplies. That's a necessity, as far as I'm concerned.

I got it in that color, and I have to say, it looks great with my new bright red hair. Not that I'm vain or anything ;)
Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. I LOVE good choice to dump Blockbuster. As far as pinning on a new rank, I've always pinned my husband...I thought that was the tradition. Maybe your husband should ask around to see what other guys in his command do before he asks his friend. I can understand your hurt feelings. And LOVE the dress from NY&C. I get all their sale emails too. Did you know they have a military discount? At least mine does. But you have to bring it up because they won't. And I don't know if they offer it online.

    No big plans for the weekend. You?

  2. we are finally in season 3 of Lost on netflix!
    that dress is suuuuuper cute and you just made me miss my red hair days:O(
    i have no clue about anything military related so can't help you there:O)

  3. Yay for Netflix!!! We've had it for a while...and absolutely love it. We're currently watching season 2 of Lost. =)

    I think it is the norm for wives to pin their husbands. I would be a little upset too.

    And, Oh. My. Goodness. That dress is adorable! I know what I'm gonna be doing next payday! =) Blue is the best color to wear with red hair. I would know. ;-) Lol!

  4. I love Netflix! I def get my money's worth with watch instantly.

  5. Most importantly, I LOVE that dress and not that I'm vain at all either, but I think it would look GREAT covering my pregnant tummy... I'm just sayin..

    I went through the same thing with Trey. He does come from a strong military background and his dad is a retired Major. You can see our dillema (sp?) over who he wanted to pin him. I was relieved when I realized there were two LT bars to be pinned. One goes on each shoulder and we have pics of myself and his father pinning him at the same time. Maybe you can work something out like that?

  6. Netflix is the greatest! I am glad you switched to the "happy side" of movie rentals. :)

    As for pinning: My husband is an E-5 and I have never ever pinned him. Here are the reasons: I worked when he was pinned E-3 plus E-3 is not a big deal anyways. For E-4 he was in Iraq and for E-5 he never got pinned (he is currently training in Walter Reed and not part of a real unit). He just started wearing his E-5 rank once it showed up on his LES.

  7. We got Netflix Wednesday night too, how weird, lol.

    I pinned Nate when he got his E-6, and honestly, I'd be pretty upset if he chose to have someone else pin his 7 when he gets it. I would just try to find a way to casually bring it up. If you can, lol.

    Cute dress!

    P.S. Did you hear about Starbucks being the only place you're allowed to carry your gun in with your CCP? Nate came home and told me about it last night and was all fired up about how the rest of establishments should be the same way and blah blah. :) I thought of you.

  8. I LOVE netflix! Once my neighbor started getting my movies but that was the post office's fault. I've never had a problem with them. They rock! Have a great weekend!

  9. I really like Netflix. The sad thing is, I bought it for E for Christmas the year before last and I ended up using it more than he ever does.

    As far as I know, the wife/ spouse usually pins on the rank. My feelings would be so hurt if E had someone else do this. You should, at the bare minimum, get to pin one of those bars on. I'm sure if you mentioned it to your husband that he'd understand. I mean, you've been the most supportive of him and he probably is unaware of the wife thing, so he's at no fault there :)

    I bet you'll look beautiful and so patriotic with your red hair and that lovely dress!

  10. It wouldn't be weird for you to not, if that's the way you would like to do it. You don't HAVE to be the one who does it. When Mr. P picked up rank, I really really REALLY wanted to pin him and then he mentioned having his Sgt pin him since he had been working with him to help him make rank so quickly. When he told me that though my heart broke. LUCKILY, there are two collars that need chevrons on them (enlisted Marine Corps rank) so I pinned one side and Sgt pinned the other and everybody won! Just because something is tradition doesn't mean it HAS to be done that way so if he'd rather the friend do it and you'd rather take pics then so be it. Or maybe you can do it together!!

  11. we have netflix and LOVE IT!!!
    we just watched disturbia last night. have you seen it?

    very disturbing!!! ha.

    love that dress :o)

  12. I love NY&Co. too!

    When David's unit had a Christmas dinner, I wanted to be there. He said that the food was terrible and it was boring. I really didn't care about the food being bad, because I wanted to be there with him and support him. I wanted to see him get promoted. It just hurt me that I didn't go. He didn't bring anyone. He had no idea that I wanted to go and that it meant something to me.

    I would just bring it up, ask, and talk to your husband about it. What the other ladies said :)


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