February 10, 2010

We Report.....

200th Post!

Thanks everyone for submitting questions. I got several unique ones and had fun coming up with answers!!

from ae: If you had unlimited funds where would you travel and why?
Well, this may sound odd to most of you, but if I had unlimited time and money, I would go on a tour of all the Disney parks in the world - I've done WDW and Disneyland, but I'm dying to see Disney Paris, Tokyo Disney, Hong Kong Disney, and the Disney cruises. That's my fantasy, anyway. To be one of the few, the proud who can say they've visited every Disney park. Anywhere else, I'm counting on the Army to take us, or at least get us close. ;) (and please don't crush my fantasies by ranting about how my best luck will get me as far as Ft. Polk. I'll delete you.)

Ashley: What are you most anxious about your new role as a military spouse?
If you had asked me three months ago, before SoldierMan left, I would have said - EVERYTHING! We'd never been apart before, he always handled the money and major decisions...I pretty much had a cush life, not gonna lie. Since he's been gone, I've learned how to take care of a lot of things myself (though it sometimes still involves calling my dad!) but I've taken over the budgeting and making sure all the family are kept in touch with. And I'm not doing all that bad at it, I must say.
So now, I guess my biggest anxiety is ultimately leaving Oklahoma. This beautiful red dirt is in my blood, and if I could have both SoldierMan and Oklahoma, that would be ideal. But since I have to choose, it's an easy choice. :)

Mrs P: if you could spend one day as someone else, who would it be and why? Oh, and how did you get the three columns on your blog???
Hmm...this is a tough one. Since it's just one day, I'd like to try being a Jane Autsen heroine, preferably Elizabeth Bennet. Just one day, though. I hot-pink-heart indoor plumbing!!
And re: the third column, I did a google search and went through hours of trial and error html formatting one stormy night. :) Sorry I can't be more specific, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember much more than that, and don't know enough about html to locate and email you the specific code. Sorry!

Ashley: What did you want to be when you "grow up"? and I love your movie reviews and was wondering who your favorite actor/actress is?
When I was a kid, like a little kid, I really, really wanted to be a musical actress. That's all I grew up watching - Sound of Music, Pirates of Penzance, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kiss Me Kate...I could go on and on! When I was in Jr. High I even auditioned for the local Lyric Theater group. I didn't make the first cut, and unfortunately let it get to me, and I dropped it. Even still, I continued to take vocal instruction through college. When I was in condition, I was a Lyric Coloratura. I'd love to take it up again, but I'm really shy of long-term commitments right now.

It's hard to pick just one favorite actor or actress. Really, really hard. But since I have to pick one, today it's Myrna Loy. She does comedy, drama, big roles, little roles. She did them all beautifully and intelligently, never sacrificing femininity and grace for the illusion of strength. She brought strength and heart to every role she played.

Mrs. G.I. Joe: Do you have any plans yet for when SoldierMan comes home? I know he just got there but I used to think about those things to get me through. When do you start planning/thinking about that?
Well, the short answer is, SoldierMan isn't coming home. I'm going to him.
We spoke the other day, and he classed up on schedule *yay!* and so he will graduate OCS on April 29. The earliest we would get PCS orders would be the week before that.
As you know, we are crossing our fingers that he branches infantry, which would mean we already know where we'll live for the next year or so - Ft. Benning, while he goes through BOLC, Airborne and Ranger school. We've already talked about, after finding someplace to live, we'll get busy finding little mom-and-pop restaurants, independently-owned coffee shops, things to replace our favorites here. And we have been talking about it since before he left. "What we'll do when this is over" is our favorite topic of conversation :)

Jessica: 1. If you could pick one moment that really stood out to you during graduation/family day, what would it be? 2. What have you been doing, or what do you plan to do to keep you busy while SoldierMan is away? 3. Do you plan on visiting him any while he's at OCS or are you waiting for graduation? 4. Which posts are you hoping you'll get stationed at during your time in the Army? Are there any places you don't want to be stationed at?
1. Well, other than the alone time we got together, one of the most special moments I remember is, at the end of graduation they sang the Army Song ("Over hill, over dale...") and I look over and my grandpa is singing along with them. That might sound weird, but as I said earlier, he's never - ever - talked about his experience in the Army (artillery) other than his buddies all died and it made him deaf (those big guns). But he was there wearing his "Korea Veteran" hat and all smiles. He asked to come. It was really special to both me and my dad.
2. What have I been doing? Everything and nothing. Before New Year's, I had to pack the house and sell the house and change all our stuff from civilian to military and learn how to manage...everything. Since New Year's...well, my #1 goal is not to go insane. I'm trying to keep up my scrapbooking and writing (and I've made progress on both fronts I'm happy to say). And make the most of my time left here.
3. We're going to play it by ear. As of right now, I plan on visiting him, it's just a matter of funds. Plus, if he DOES get infantry, I'll need to go do a little apartment-hunting (any recommendations?) before we actually PCS - or at least, that's what I'd prefer.
4. Well, right now, the only place I *don't* want to be is Alaska...only because I'm sick of snow and ice! Unless I get a new car.... :) But on my dream list is Ft. Benning, Vincenza, and Korea (yes, really). So hopefully, eventually we'll get to hit all of those at some point.

Ashley: when do y'all plan on starting a family?
First of all, let me say it makes me smile to see someone else use "y'all" on a regular basis. :) Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one.
So, the family question. After much discussion and back and forth, the plan right now is to wait through our first deployment. I should say, SoldierMan and I have agreed we are going to take this military career one contract at a time. After surviving a deployment, we both feel we'll be better equipped to bring someone else into this life. Now, of course, God may have other things in store, and if that's the case, we'll both be thrilled. But, as far as it depends on us, that's the plan. And I think it'll stick.


  1. I loved reading more about you :) I would love to visit all the Disney parks someday too :)

  2. What a great post!
    And I'm headed to Korea in a couple of weeks for a short visit. I am very excited, not just for the glory that is Korean food. I'll let you know how great it is!

  3. Loved reading all of your answers!!

  4. Cute post! I just wrote a really long comment on it and my laptop decided to update itself and I lost it :(! We had decided on putting children off until 2014 haha until we had a deployment done etc but I guess that didn't happen! Benning was our last duty station and we lived off post so let me know once u find places and if u need advice about any of them. If you don't mind living 25 mins from post then look at the newest Greystone Farms Reserve off Blackmon Road : )

  5. Happy 200th post! I loved learning a little more about you and soldier man...all the Disney parks in the world sounds like a blast!

  6. That was fun to read!
    I'm curious as to why Korea is one of your top choices. I have heard other woman say they've loved it, but for some reason, that would scare the crap out of me!

  7. Congrats on 200!! It would be really fun visting all of the Disney Parks. I live close to Savannah so I do not know much about the Ft. Benning area. But if you get stationed in GA we will have to meet up for lunch one weekend:)

  8. Enjoyed learning more about you. Congrats on your 200th post!

  9. Congrats on 200 -- not an easy accomplishment!

  10. great post, happy 200th posting!

  11. Hey! I'm at Benning too--also with a newly minted officer. Feel free to email me if you're lonley. And I'd love to go to Korea too, by the way. Who wouldn't love a free trip to Asia?? Those tickets are crazy expensive.


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