February 22, 2010

TV Tuesday (and other stuff, too)

First - Amazing Race.

Really? Is no one else watching? That's a shame - because the Oklahoma boys won this week! I am seriously in love with them.

Probably because they remind me of my relatives. Good ol' Oklahoma boys. I grin so big every time they say "Oh my gravy!" :) Hopefully they continue to do well.

Now - the big one - LOST

Okay, I know that's really big, but look at Locke in the middle - he's turned around backwards! I love how they put little clues everywhere, even in the promotional material!

I've seen that several of you are watching and aren't caught up yet - darn that international delay! So I'll try not to be too spoilerish. But - to quote - OH MY GRAVY! ;)

Last week's was a killer episode. I just wonder...wonder, who is really the good guy and who is the bad guy? And what is the purpose of these flash sideways? I mean, if this is just to peek into "a day in the life," well, then there doesn't seem to be much point. Hopefully the two intersect at some point, because right now, it's a little interesting, but not nearly as much as what happens on the island. To me, anyway. Your thoughts??

In other news...I'm getting really tired of this whole "living apart" thing. And the whole "not knowing where we're going" thing. Yeah, yeah, that's the Army. Doesn't mean I have to like it. We'll know in about 4 weeks where we'll be moving in May. Benning is a possibility. Now, so is Huachuca. I've never been to the Southwest. (I don't count SoCal. That's strictly West Coast in my opinion.) So that might be interesting. Of course, we'd be fortunate enough to be stationed in the desert right in time for Summer. Can you feel the sarcasm?

Anyway, we're just trusting God at this point that He'll put us where we're supposed to go, since really we don't get a whole lot of say in the matter. Which, for me, is pretty liberating. For SoldierMan, it's pretty stressful, of course. This is his career we're talking about, and he may or may not have a say in it.

For those of you new to the process, officer candidates do not get the same amount of say in their MOS the way enlisted do. OCs apply to various MOSs, and based on their performance in OCS and the number of available 2LT positions, they get placed, rather than getting to choose, unless you are one of the guys at the top of the class, in which case you might get the choice of which of your options you prefer.

So SoldierMan is a candidate for both Infantry and MI. And now we wait. Honestly, I would be fine with either one, although I kind of had my heart set on Georgia. But I can learn to love Arizona, too. It's so dramatically different from OK, I think it would be fun. Plus, after Twilight and The Host, I'm looking forward to seeing the desert.

On another completely unrelated note, I watched The Time-Traveler's Wife the other night. I haven't taken it back to Blockbuster yet, so I may again. I LOVED IT. Part chick flick, part sci-fi. Right up my alley. :) Yes, I cried. And I found a lot to relate to, actually, in the story. Knowing you are choosing to be with someone who honestly can't promise you that they will always be "there," but will be there whenever they can, as long as they can. Anyway, I may have to buy it. It's now one of my favs.

And lastly, have any of you seen that movie, "When in Rome"? It looks like it might be cute. I'm not looking for "Roman Holiday" classic, just cute and fluff that isn't too dirty. Am I out of luck?

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  1. I know it's stressful to not know where you're going. You'll know eventually though...and then you'll play the waiting game again. =) Don't get your hopes up about Georgia. I'm seriously not a fan. It is better than the desert, but I don't want to be here any longer than I have to. I'm glad you enjoyed Time Traveler's Wife. I've been wanting to see it, but wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it.

  2. I'm watching Amazing Race and loving it. I've wanted to watch other seasons, but never got around to it. The cowboys are so adorable, but I was kind of sad to see Grandma go. They were both so sweet!
    I know how anxious you are to find out where you are going, but I promise you, this move won't matter a bit to you. After being apart for so long, you won't care where you are! I do have to disagree with the reader above though, I can't express enough how much I loved Benning! I'm also from that area though, so I may be biased. And just think.. as soon as you move to this place, you'll be getting another duty station soon for after BOLC III!

  3. haha, I don't watch either of those shows but I am excited that they make you happy! Enjoy them tonight! Go OK boys!

    I know you are on pins and needles ready to hear where you are going - Hang in there love!

  4. I never got into Lost when it came out. I am interested in it now but need to "Catch" up a LOT. I don't know if it will ever happen but I hope to make it to the last season by the time I am 40. I set high goals for myself. ;)

    As for the Movie "When in Rome". I have not seen it but I am going to this Friday. I know quite a few people who have seen it and the general consensus is "Very cute, pretty clean, laugh out loud at parts, but predictable." What chick flick is NOT predictable? Haha The thing that I hear the most is that there are some pretty funny parts in it. By brother informed me that you judge a chick flick by whether or not there are funny parts. So I guess this one won in his book. lol

  5. I'd like your new link please! kayla.burke1*at*gmail.com

  6. Every week when Tuesday FINALLY rolls around I realize I'm practically giddy all day because I get to watch LOST again. So pathetic, my life...

    But yeah, I've been on Lostpedia.com trying to remind myself of what all has gone on over the past five years...it is quite helpful :)

  7. Time Traveler's Wife is next on my Netflix queue! I cannot wait to see it. I am like you chick flick + scifi is right up my alley!

    I am a LITTLE partial to GA but I have a couple of friends that have lived in Arizona and they loved it.

  8. Oh my goodness! I love Lost! I can't wait for this weeks episode!! It's just getting better and better!

    I hope you find out soon where you're going. I know that can be so frustrating not knowing. Hang in there!

  9. I love Lost, but right now I feel, well, lost. I keep telling myself that it's the final season so everything will come together soon. I'll so miss that show, but I'm glad they're ending it before it starts stinking (like ER).

    Hope you find out soon about where you're going. Don't you hate waiting? In my experience, we expect to be going somewhere, and then right before we think we're getting orders BOOM, we get orders for somewhere else.

    And I can't wait to see the Traveler's Wife. It's on my Netflix list but it says there's a long wait. I may hit up RedBox.

    Have a great day!

  10. i loooove amazing race! new follower of your blog, excited to read more:)

  11. There are good and bad things about every post, as I'm sure you know. I'm going to try to be completely honest (I don't like things sugar coated, but I don't want to be all "oh, I hated it, it was the worst place ever!" either).

    The area is lovely! It's super close to the border, so you'll see lots of Border Patrol and, well, Mexicans. Tucson is a lot of fun and is about an hour or so away. The Grand Canyon isn't that far either... I'm not sure if you've been yet, but I think it'd be worth the drive :) The Sedona area is quite lovely too. If you go to Tucson, you have to try In n Out Burger, you'll never look at fast food the same way again, ha! I absolutely loved the architecture... I could drive around Sierra Vista (the town Huachuca is incorporated into) all day just looking at some of the houses and the landscaping. The actual business part of town isn't much to look at though, and they have a super-tiny mall, an old-school Walmart (no groceries) a Target :), Safeway and Fry's (both grocery). If you want to do any real shopping though, you'll have to go to Tucson. Most anything you'd want, including In N Out Burgers (haha) is on Broadway St. in Tuscon, which is right off the interstate. There's lots of hiking to do in the area, wineries close by, and even an apple orchard not too far away. If you do get sent there, you can bet I'll send you an email with every place I think you should visit :)

    It get's hot in the summer, like insanely hot. The air is so dry that it's not a great idea to use an air conditioner (they dry out the air even more), so you won't find many places to rent, even on post, with them. They have swamp coolers instead, which do work and they add moisture, but they're no AC. Also, the wildlife... I found a few scorpions and black widows around the house. Supposedly those kinds of scorpions don't hurt you too bad (they say it's just like being stung by a bee), and if you keep your house sprayed with bug spray, it should keep all creepy crawlies away.

    It's really not too bad at all, although it's not the biggest, and most glamorous post around. I think that goes for Benning too, though. E says some parts of it are pretty ghetto. I'm really surprised that he isn't really guaranteed an Infantry spot-- it's hard to get an MI spot as an LT. E didn't get one out of ROTC, so they gave him an Armor spot until we went to Huachuca. It's one of those branches where the higher you go in rank, the more jobs there are available, which is kind of wierd. I'm sure it'll all work out for the best, though. I know he wanted Infantry, but it wouldn't be so bad to go MI, as the Army needs guys with some brains in the branch... I hear it all the time from my husband, ha! Please let me know if you have anymore questions :) Again, I'll make sure to email you lots of info if you do post there.

  12. nice observation with Locke backwards! I didn't even catch that...

  13. nice observation with Locke backwards! I didn't even catch that...


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