February 15, 2010

Surprises! And a little TV Tuesday

So, Valentine's Day weekend went just about how I expected. And that's not a bad thing. SoldierMan had the four-day pass that let him go as far as Atlanta. We would have liked to fly me out there, but tickets from OKC to ATL were -at least - $700. (Note: Southwest doesn't fly anywhere in the state of Georgia. FAIL.) So, SoldierMan rented a car and a hotel room with a few guys and hung out in Atlanta for the weekend. I kept telling him to have fun, blow off some steam, but the other guys mostly just wanted to go clubbing, and that's not SoldierMan's thing. We spent a lot of time on the webcam and the phone, which was superfun.

Saturday was sunny and 60 degrees, so I grabbed my camera and got in the car and drove around taking pictures of things around the city. I've been meaning to do that for a while, take some general Oklahoma pictures to have when we leave and to share with others, hopefully to convey just why I think this place is so beautiful.

I don't know who owns this barn and I didn't get their permission, but this has been there my whole life (minus the 2000 Nat'l Champs sign) so I just had to have a pic of it!

Sunday there was another freak snowfall! I went to church, came home, talked to SoldierMan, got myself Chinese food and Rusty's and watched Emma and Northanger Abbey. A nice, relaxing day.

I got a few very sweet Valentine's Day surprises, too.

First, I got some sweet flowers from my dad

And I got some yummy chocolates from Ashley at Daddy's Duty through The Mrs.' The Great Valentine's Blog Swap

And SoldierMan has a surprise on its way to me right now. I'm really looking forward to that - not really to the present itself, but I just can't wait to see what he saw and that made him think of me...if that makes any sense....

Believe it or not, today's TV Tuesday is NOT about LOST!!

Amazing Race started this week. It's the one "reality" show I like to watch, because it's more a competition than a soap opera. Well, usually.

I'm pretty sure I may have to crawl through the TV and b-slap the stupid gay guy. Seriously, did they have to pick Perez Hilton's whiney little brother? He's hateful, spiteful, disrespectful and militant. How much of a teenage drama queen do you have to be, every time Miss Teen USA walks in the room, to go to every other team and be like, "Hey, remember her? 'US Americans'? She's such an idiot!" So immature. Juvenile. Petty. Jerk. So yeah. I hope they lose, and I hope it's his fault. He's a jerk and deserves to lose. So far, they seem to be the only angry team. I don't like angry teams. It's a competition, keep it professional, guys.

And, I have to say, I have to support my homeboys Jet and Cord. (Yes, the guys in the cowboy hats. Love!) I'm not really sure what part of Oklahoma they're from. What county only has one streetlight anymore, even here? Somewhere in Southeast OK, I guess. Anyway, they are good Oklahoma boys. Good attitudes (so far), hard workers, and good competitors. So I hope they continue to do well.

Other than that, I like the grandma/granddaughter team. They are pretty impressive, both being triathletes. So far, most everyone has had good attitudes (even through the mishaps) and has kept it professional.

Frankly, I'm still pretty bitter about last season, when the Globetrotters got screwed by that brother team.
They SO should have been in the final 3, and probably should have won. But whatev.

Are you watching this season? Who are your favs and hates?


  1. KS and I loved the amazing race. Some of those people just make you want to slap them though...

  2. I have never seen the Amazing Race but I am all about LOST. :) I can't wait for tonight... well, if I actually make it home on time. I have class but sometimes we get off early.

  3. SIXTY degrees!? UGH! I'm so over snow! :(

  4. great pic!

    every season i mean to watch amazing race but never do. it is one of those shows i really think i would like!

  5. Surprises are soooo great! It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. I'm totally jealous of your weather :P

  6. sounds like a great weekend bud! MMM not much beats a box of Godiva chocolates.

    Trey ran into that same problem a lot at OCS. I would tell him all the time to go and have some fun, but that's all everyone wanted to do. Trey's all about letting lose when he's home.. with friends.. and me, but a lot of those guys were just throwing caution to the wind and not really caring about the consequences. I hope he can find something to do to keep himself busy. Trey liked to go to Ranger Joes A LOT. It's on Sheridan Drive if you want to tell him about that.. it's a little coffee shop with a bunch of Infantry stuff in there. He LIVED there basically. There's some other stuff I can tell you about as well if you want :)

  7. I love the barn! HA!!! College football is best!! So glad you enjoyed your chocolates. I am looking forward to my mani/pedi this weekend!! Can't wait to see what soldier man sent you!

  8. Girl- I LOVE that pictures you took! How cool that you just jumped in your car and decided to take some pictures... I love stuff like that! So glad you had some fun Vday surprises!

  9. I love watching the Amazing Race! I'm completely rooting for Jordan and Jeff because I loved watching them on Big Brother over the summer.


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