February 22, 2010

Movie Monday

Today, we continue our look at the military as portrayed by classic Hollywood. The last two selections were very serious dramas, so today I thought I'd lighten it up with a Romantic Comedy. Excited? :) I know I am.

Yet another one of my favorites:

We meet 20-something Susan Applegate (Ginger Rogers, as a brunette rather than her trademark blonde), beautician of sorts working in New York. After the umpteenth incident of being hit on by a client, she decides that this is the last straw and takes her meager belongings to go home to her small town, Stevenson, Iowa.

She gets to the train station and finds out she doesn't have enough money left for a ticket home. Desperate and nearly broke, she scams her way onto the train - she dresses down, washes off her makeup, braids her hair and buys a child's fare ticket home. So she's on the train home and having to pretend to be a kid - 11 3/4 years old, to be exact.

Things go along swimmingly until the train conductor notices her smoking. She runs and hides in what she thinks is an empty compartment. It turns out, however, the compartment is taken by the handsome Major Phillip Kirby (Ray Milland), who believes that she is only a child. Sound crazy? Well, okay. :) Here's the clip where they first meet. The first couple of minutes will pretty much give you the idea.

I had a movie clip here, but youtube has removed the link. Bummer. Sorry.

Naturally, Susan starts to fall in "like" with Phillip, and agrees (due to a crazy series of circumstances) to come back to the military academy with him for a few days. An all-boy military academy. Where she, being an incredibly over-developed "12-year-old", becomes incredibly popular among all those teenage boys, as you might imagine. :)

Maj. Kirby is a fairly typical figure for movies of this time period. This movie is set in 1941, just pre-Pearl Harbor, and Maj. Kirby is dying to get reassigned to and active duty post in anticipation of entering the European theater of WWII. (Obviously, they couldn't foresee the Pacific theater happening yet.) Unfortunately for him (and for Susan) he is engaged - to the daughter of the Colonel in charge of the military academy, who is doing her doggone-dest to make sure he stays nice and safe, teaching at the military academy.

The rest of the movie is reconciling both the love triangle of Susan, Phillip and his fiance, and also trying to get his military ambitions fulfilled.

It's a funny romance, even if it is a bit farfetched. You can check it out on blockbuster online, and probably netflix. I don't recommend Youtube for this one, because whoever uploaded it left out a chunk in the middle. Go figure.

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  1. Kay so I'm not really understanding what your new email address is, so can you just send me an email with the new link? nabarmyfamily[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. Kay so I'm not really understanding what your new email address is, so can you just send me an email with the new link? nabarmyfamily[at]gmail[dot]com


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