February 8, 2010

I Heart Faces: Kissing!

Don't forget to post some questions for my Q&A post, coming soon!
I'm doing a double-post today (and not factoring it into my post count for the upcoming 200th post) so's I can participate in this week's I Heart Faces challenge!

This week the theme is kissing.

Here's my submission:

This was from our honeymoon, I think on one of the last nights we were there. I made SoldierMan buy the bride and groom ears and we wore honeymoon buttons and went all-out. Since then, every time we go back, we have to get a carousel kissing picture. It's a tradition!

For more pictures and to participate yourself, click below!


  1. Oh what a fun, fun, blog they have over there!

    Great kiss picture of you guys! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that's adorable! I've never been to Disney but want to someday. You know that they offer great discounts to military families? I got the flier via an FRG email, and if I didn't delete it already, I'll email it to you.


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