February 23, 2010

I got it!!!

I got SoldierMan's V-day present today!!

I got the sweetest card in the mail today - oh, it just made my day!! Seriously, the most touching mass-produced card I've ever seen. Very sweet. I want to send him one that says, "Right back atchya!" But it might not come across quite as sweet. :)

It's kind of a big deal. SoldierMan isn't a "card" guy. But I could tell that he spent time looking and thought this one was special, from what he wrote inside.

Here's what it said (both inside and outside combined):

I love you
in so many ways
and for so many reasons...
because you know me
and understand me
like no one else ever could...
because you believe in my dreams
and care about my feelings...
because you make me laugh so hard
and smile so often
because you have a way
of bringing out
the very best in me...
I love you
in so many ways,
and for so many reasons,
but mostly because
you're my very best friend.
Happy Valentine's Day

And he wrote a sweet little note on the inside too, but that's for my eyes only ;)

Enclosed in the card:

This boy knows me so well :)

He knows how to make me feel special. I'm very lucky.


  1. aww the card is very sweet! my hubby isn't much of a card guy either, but the ones he did send seemed very thought out! Hope you continue to have a great day:)

  2. What a stud! Such a sweet card- and Itunes gift card- perfect! :) SO thoughtful that he sent you that!

  3. Awwww! =) So sweet. Who wouldn't be excited about an iTunes gift card?! Woohoo!

  4. What a sweet card! Isn't it nice to feel so loved?

  5. Aww so sweet!! Glad you got your pressies!! :)

  6. Aww so sweet!! Glad you got your pressies!! :)

  7. such a sweet card! good job soldierman!

  8. don't you love it when they put lots of thought into a card?! hope you get to see each other again soon:O)

  9. Soo sweet!! :) You can never go wrong with an iTunes gift card! :)

  10. awww! What an amazing husband :) Glad he put a smile on your face!

  11. What a sweetheart! My husband got me new pots and pans. What does that tell you?! ;)


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