February 11, 2010

Friday Randomness

I've been watching the mail for several days now, but not for a letter from SoldierMan. A package was supposed to be on its way and so I was again stalking the mail lady.

Then yesterday, after a morning of running around and trying to get everything done before the next big ice-over hit, I come home and find a box on the doorstep! Yay!!

My hat was here! My friend Lindsey is making and selling hats, t-shirts and (soon) jewelry to help her and her husband fund their adoption. Plus, with the hat was also a picture of their children, so I have faces to pray over now!! (I can't scan and share that with you because they don't have permission to make their names/faces public yet, but trust me, they are precious!)

I know, I know, most of you are not OU fans. That's the only OU product. There are like 10 different styles to choose from, all of them totally cute! Click on the picture to go to her etsy shop, and click on her name above to visit her blog.
I am changing the URL to my blog soon. I *LOVE* all of you as followers, so I'm not trying to hide from you, I promise! But I need to change the link. So if you would like to be notified of the change and given the new link - PLEASE EMAIL ME:
so I can put you on the list. I will be posting this reminder for a while until everyone's had a chance to change over. Thanks for dealing with me!

I see everyone is going to see or has gone to see "Dear John." From the beginning I knew I wanted to avoid this book/movie like the plague. Why?

Most people of my generation probably don't know this, but back in WWII there arose such a thing as a "Dear John" letter. Basically it was when a girl back home sent a soldier a letter saying she'd met someone else and couldn't wait any longer, sorry. Since then, the term is synonymous with a break-up letter.

So when I saw a preview for a movie about a military pen-pal couple titled "Dear John"...all sorts of red flags went off for me.

Now, I haven't read the book or seen the movie, so I don't know that that's even a part of the storyline. But, from what I've gleaned, it may not be far off. Either way, I'm not going to see it. Just really can't handle any more downers.
Speaking of downers, my laptop is down, so I've been using SoldierMan's desktop for the past couple of days. While they might sound like a great compromise, and for the most part it's fantastic, the desktop doesn't have any of my photo editing software or anything I've worked on since New Year's, which was my most recent backup of the laptop to the desktop's external hard drive. So the pictures I've taken, except the ones above, will just have to sit on my camera until I get access to my Lightroom again. :( The power cord died, so I have to get a new one. And while that's cheaper than a whole new computer, it's still expensive. So we'll see what happens there.
The reality of what we are doing is hitting me in waves. Like last night, I'm at my weekly semi-monthly Bible Study group, and one of the girls tells us she's pregnant. Exciting stuff, right? She's got this great plan about finishing grad school and continuing to work, and she has until September, which is her due date, and in my mind I start thinking about baby showers and going to see her in the hospital...

...and then it clicks - September? I'm not supposed to be here then....

I don't know how this happens. I was having a great day yesterday. Well, not great, but really good. Got a lot done, got my super-cute hat, got some good news about a friend. Then that night I'm sitting at the computer with my phone waiting for SoldierMan to either call or get online to webcam chat. (our first one, I was so excited, I got all "cute" and waited by the camera.)

SoldierMan's personal time every night is from 2000-2100 my time. So promptly at 2000 I'm in front of the computer, phone in hand, waiting.





By 2130 I gave up. I thought maybe, maybe since pass starts this morning, they might have started last night and given them the extra free time, but I guess not. Lights out was apparently still at 2100. So, at 2130, I went downstairs to eat dinner.

At about 2200 I come back upstairs....and in the little chatroom (we use Google Talk) is an "are you there?" at 2135. I had just missed him. And of course, by then he was long gone.

It made me absolutely sick. He must have used all his free time sitting there waiting for me because there wasn't an email, and if he had had the chance to write me, he would have. I'm still pretty upset. But hopefully, by the time you read this, we'll have had the chance to speak at least once. So that will definitely lift my spirits.

That, and the huge glob of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that I'm eating with a spoon to assuage my misery.


  1. I totally missed a call from my soldier earlier this week too! It's hard to know you just missed them...by like a few minutes. Hang in there though it's bound to happen from time to time. I would like to be added to your new blog list if that's cool?...I'll try to remember to e-mail you to just in case, cause you are seriously one of my favorite reads!

  2. I have read the Dear John book and you are not missing anything. I love Nicholas Sparks but his books can be a little depressing. I will be emailing you for the new link cause you are one of my favs!!

  3. Aw. =( I'm sorry you missed him. The same thing happened to me when Joe was in Basic. I was at dinner (at the beach) with his family and never heard my phone. A few mins later, I got a voicemail from him. I didn't know that they'd called from a payphone, so I called the number about 5 or 6 times and ended up talking to different Soldiers each time, none of whom knew my hubby. Meanwhile, I'm crying my eyes out in front of a store at the beach because I missed his call. Finally, after what felt like forever, his Drill SGT let him use his cell phone to call me back. =) Hope you get to talk to him soon!

  4. I had some of the same "enlightening" experiences while Trey was at OCS. Finding out that my SIL was pregnant and realizing I wouldn't be there to help decorate the nursery, be there for her through the majority of the pregnancy, see my neice when she was born. Realizing I would be there for one of my best friends giving birth. It was hard. But you do the best you can from a distance. It's never the same, but you hang in there and learn to appreciate the really small things. The phone and Skype will be your best friends.
    I'll be emailing your shortly to keep me on! I'm glad you'll be putting out reminders just in case though :)

  5. I have missed so many weddings and have never met friends children because of this life :( It sucks :( But then you do get to meet people from all over the place which I think is really cool.

    I hate when we miss each other online. It really is the worst :(

  6. I'm so sorry you missed your talk time with SoldierMan. Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sounds like a perfect temporary solution to that problem. ;) Hopefully by now you will have been able to talk to him.
    I have been considering movie URLs myself but dread losing followers/readers. Are you staying with blogger or purchasing your own domain?

  7. Yes, you are totally not missing anything by not reading Dear John. I knew the whole "Dear John" concept, I was just hoping it was a coincidence that his name was John. I hated it. It was horrible. I rarely feel that strongly about a book also.

    I totally agree with the comment you left on my blog, by the way. I think it's silly for girls to complain about their husbands because (a. it doesn't do anything to help the issue and (b. if a man doesn't even have the complete support of his wife, then what does he have?

    I looked through my emails to find the Disney info but I must have deleted it... sorry :( They do it once a year and I'm sure when you two get set up in once place and you get FRG info that you'll come across it. Thanks for linking to that etsy shop too-- I've always had it in my heart to adopt, and I love when other people do too!! Have a good weekend!!!

  8. p.s.

    isn't it awful to miss them by a few minutes? When E was deployed and I'd miss him on IM or he'd call and I'd miss it, I'd cry and cry... it was awful! I hope you get a nice talk with him soon!!

  9. I haven't seen or read Dear John either and I have no intentions on doing so. It doesn't appeal to me at all.

    I'm sorry you missed your chat with him tonight, I hope you have better luck tomorrow. :(


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