February 18, 2010

Friday Randomness: Awards

So, I have some awards to catch up on:

Sarah at G.I. Joe's Wife gave me:

Ashley at Raising Brats gave me:

So, I'm lumping these together since I forgot to do them earlier....sorry guys!!

Anyway, I think between the two awards I'm supposed to list 10 random and/or true things about me. So, these will be both random and true. Oh yes.
  1. I am addicted to sunflower seeds. It's my favorite snack, no only because it's gentler on my jaw than gum (I have a whole 'nother blog to write about how much I want to shoot the person who invented chewing gum, turning the human race into bovine imitators...) but also because they are both slightly salty and full of MUFAs. So healthy, too :)
  2. Frank Sinatra > Michael Buble. End of discussion.
  3. I'm having serious baby fever. I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant, even though nature insists that I'm not. I'm really hoping it passes soon. It's every bit as uncomfortable as a real fever. We're both infected, so I'm really glad that right now SoldierMan and I are on opposite ends of the country.
  4. While completing this list, I went downstairs, made cookies and knocked out half of a crossword puzzle.
  5. I have horrible posture. I'm working on changing that. It's a slow process that may or may not actually work. I'm not sure you can reset your alignment after 25 years, but it's worth a shot.
  6. Several people have asked about Korea being on our Duty Station Wish List. I admit, it sounds weird. In fact, SoldierMan put in his "Wish List" (I don't know the real term) and listed Korea, Germany, Japan and Italy, in that order. I've read about the different Duty Stations from people who have lived there, and with Korea you pretty much hear the same thing over and over - "You have to live on base and the base is small and the housing is old and you can't own/drive a car and you have to use public transportation and the nearest market is 30 minutes on a public bus away and nobody speaks English and it's hard to get around - and I really, really hope we get to go back there! I loved it!" Frankly, of all the places the Army could send us, Korea is really the only place we absolutely would never go to on our own, most likely. Also, the application age for international adoption from Korea is 25, and that's a tiny factor in my enthusiasm for that post. But anyway, we figure, if we're going to do this, might as well really do it, right? My aunt and uncle were stationed in Korea back in the 70s, and they have good memories of it...I think....
  7. Speaking of nature, am I the only one on whom PMS pills are basically ineffective? Oh sure, they might take care of the constant slight discomfort, but they do nothing to stave off the curl-up-on-the-floor-cut-off-my-breath-near-blinding waves of pain that hit every few hours or so. Sorry, TMI. But that's where I am right now.
  8. When we finally do get a Duty Station (is that supposed to be capitalized?) I want to be a reunion photographer, you know, do pro bono photo shoots of deployment reunions for couples/families. Seriously, I know I'll want one when the time comes.
  9. This weekend, my sister is at CPAC. This weekend, I'm getting my hair cut, and now I think I'll get it colored again, too.
  10. I should be talking to SoldierMan tonight for...well, the whole evening. I need to warn my family that I might be skipping dinner....
So, there you go!

And, since I can't remember who I have and haven't "awarded" recently, I'm going to award these to my 10 newest followers (who have blogs), and a very big THANK YOU for following! :)

Which turned out to be way more difficult than I realized...just an fyi, not all of you have your blogs linked to your profiles...but I figured it out :) I know some of you have already gotten one or the other of these awards, so just take whichever one that you haven't gotten recently (or both if you want!)

So, in no particular order:

And as usual, it's a surprise! Come and get 'em!

I am changing the URL to my blog soon. I *LOVE* all of you as followers, so I'm not trying to hide from you, I promise! But I need to change the link. So if you would like to be notified of the change and given the new link - PLEASE EMAIL ME:
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  1. Reasons why you are awesome:

    I've picked up that you want to adopt? I've always had a fear that I won't be able to conceive and I have some physical signs too-- in spite of that, though, I've always wanted to adopt. It makes me sad that it's so hard to adopt domestically, though. A college professor I had wanted to adopt a daughter with his wife (they have three boys and wanted a daughter)and tried to adopt an American child but they got no help and there were no classes (which are required in Ohio) offered... which makes no sense to me, so they ended up adopting a lovely daughter from Vietnam.

    You want to do pro bono reunion/ homecoming photography!? You are just precious! Where were you when E got home? I actually have no pics from that night as it was way too dark... oh well, the memories will be in my heart forever :)

    And a word of advice, no matter what duty station you end up with it, whether or not you like it will be up to you. We're at Hood and have heard so many bad things about it... I, however, am tickled pink to be here.

    Lastly (sorry the comment is so long... I can't sleep and I'm feeling wordy), thanks for the award!

  2. When do you guys find out what your duty station is going to be? I wasn't with Sean whenever he went through BCT and AIT so I don't know what the timeline is on that. By the way..what is your husband's MOS? I ask, because he might be a little more likely to get Italy if he's Airborne (since the main unit here is an Airborne one) I'm a little bit selfish though, because I'd like a friend from blog world in Italy with me. :)

  3. #2...I agree whole heartedly!

    #5 one of the benefits (I'm hoping)of me taking up yoga is to get better posture...

    #7 I hear ya pills= useless...I actually passed out twice, once while living alone so me and the good old dr. had to have a little sit down chat. Supposedly having kids remedies this somewhat :) I know that helps the baby fever thing alot.

  4. #2...I agree whole heartedly!

    #5 one of the benefits (I'm hoping)of me taking up yoga is to get better posture...

    #7 I hear ya pills= useless...I actually passed out twice, once while living alone so me and the good old dr. had to have a little sit down chat. Supposedly having kids remedies this somewhat :) I know that helps the baby fever thing alot.

  5. Respectfully requesting your new address so that I do not loose out on your awesomeness. It's not often you find another war mongering, hateful, conservative who is also an adoption junky, so I feel like we've kind of bonded. :o)

  6. Ha! Tracy's comment hit the nail on the head! :)
    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Add me to your list my friend!
    My e-mail is alltherestofourdays@gmail.com

  7. I feel ya on the baby fever. I actually had myself convinced that I was pregnant a few weeks ago...thanks to the very, very short visit of mother nature. Usually, I'm in the same boat you are with insanely painful PMS...the only thing that works for me (and that my dr. suggested) is tacking 4 Ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs. Nooo fun. Oh, and just so you know, the Army may totally ignore his "wish list"...Joe's #1 was Bragg (NC) and we're headed to Hawaii. So be prepared to just go where the Army needs him.

  8. I have the same urge for us to get stationed in Korea recently. I believe it would be so much fun getting to know a totally different culture, having the opportunities to take some quick trips to Australia, Japan...

    And baby fever? Count me in! I bring it up almost weekly but I know that right now just isn't the right time for us.

    Good luck with your photography. I want to get into webdesign again. I did it a few years ago and created some neat websites but I sort of neglected my coding skills for a while.

  9. Yes - Frank is the winner, hands out. You can never out do a classic. Just not happening.

    Bret loves sunflower seeds too, especially on road trips. Are you a good sunflower seed eater? I have to bite mine, then get the seed out because I can't do the whole ordeal in my mouth. Not talented at all!

  10. Congrats on the awards!

    Yeah pms pills are a joke.
    I am jealous of your sister, I have always wanted to go to CPAC.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Thank you so much for the awards!!! Loved reading the random facts. I lived in Japan for 3 years and LOVED it. I had never been out of the country before, and within 3 years I had been to Japan, Korea, and Thailand. And our daughter was born there so we have an excuse to go back. Thanks again!

  12. I'd love to follow you to your new blog, so please keep me posted!

    tootiesplace (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I think living overseas is a great experience! Especially before you have kids... now that Grace has came along we are ready to get back to Oklahoma.


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