January 13, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

I had an idea last night, and I'm going to try this for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

My idea: Words of Wisdom Wednesdays.

Here's the deal -

You post a some wise words, a quote you like, on your blogger. Then come linky back here using Mr. Linky below. And we'll all take turns commenting on your quote. What reactions we have, and all that. So we can share these words of wisdom. :)

Yeah, it's a loosely-formed idea. I admit. And you may already have your post for today gone and done. That's fine. Like I said, we'll float this for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Anyway, here's my quote for the week:

"Our forefathers were far less tolerant than we are, and it is to be feared that they were also more honest. It will be a sad discount upon our gain in the matter of charity if it turn out that we have been losers in the department of truthfulness." ~ Charles Spurgeon


  1. Sorry JC, you're over my head with that one. Could you please limit future words of wisdom to 10 words or less? Those of us with kids aren't allowed to think that deep - it ruins our ability to withstand the wisdom of Dora and Diego.

  2. I agree with it, we are way more tolerant of actions our forefathers would never have dreamed of and how often does the truth really come out nowadays, and I mean the REAL truth.

  3. Our forefathers were definitely more honest. Charles Spurgeon had many words of wisdom.

  4. I agree. It's a lot of song and dance now to get anyone's attention. The truth rarely gets news, and the sensational does.


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