January 19, 2010

TV Tuesday

So, to start, you may have noticed the new stuff. It's only a little now. Long story, I meant to have this done a while ago but I was putting it off. Then I gave up and just decided to do it myself. I think I like it. We'll see.
This week's TV Tuesday:

I've become addicted to Chuck. It's got enough spy/secret agent stuff, but with "Scrubs"-style humor (only funny) and that's totally up my alley. Plus, the characters are fun and the acting is superb.

One of my new-found favorites is also one of the stars of the show - the fabulous Adam Baldwin. (He's the guy on the right in the picture above.) In fact, he is the reason I started watching the show this season.

I met Baldwin when we went to LA last month, when we were on the Big Hollywood sting operation. He was very nice, but very serious. It was obvious why he gravitates toward military-type roles - he was on a mission, and it was intense. You can read his take on our little field trip here, and here is the link to other articles he's written.

In real life, Baldwin is more like an intelligence agent than an action figure. He can take what is meant to be a rose-colored smoke screen and see right through to the true heart of the issue. Being a father, his passion is for integrity and accountability in the classroom. I was told by others on our "field operation" that it's not unusual for him to show up to school board meetings to challenge false or questionable curriculum or school practices.

A main character on a major network TV show would take time out of his limited personal time to be involved in his kids' education. Frankly, I'm impressed by that.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out Chuck, you should.

And if you did watch last night, how good is Angie Harmon looking? IMDB says she's part Greek, part American Indian, "so my dermatologist says I'll never age," she says. That seems to be holding true.


  1. that is VERY impressive. nice to hear about an actor with his priorities straight. we haven't really watched Chuck in the past, but maybe i'll check it out:O)

  2. I love Chuck!! I will not get to watch it this semester because I have a Monday night class:( But I did get to see last nights episode. Angie Harmon is gorgeous!

  3. My dad says good things about this show, too. I will have to check it out!

  4. She is gorgeous.

    I've heard good things about that show... I will have to check it out. :)

  5. I have also heard good things about Chuck, but have yet to check it out. Will do that soon..thank goodness for Hulu when you don't have TV!

  6. Saw him on the Today show one time and he seemed like a really nice guy. To my embarrassment: I have actually never watched a show.

  7. Saw him on the Today show one time and he seemed like a really nice guy. To my embarrassment: I have actually never watched a show.


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