January 31, 2010

Snowed-In Weekend

What does one do when snowed-in for a four-day weekend?

Nothing! Ab-so-lute-ly nothing! Whoo!
(like a high school cheerleader)

Well, that's not entirely true.

There was lots of eating.

And TV watching.

Which means entertainment eating.

And checking the mail but not getting letters.

Which means frustrated eating.

And sitting by the phone but not getting any calls.

Which means emotional eating.

And then waking up Sunday morning and not wanting to eat for three days even though your stomach is growling and your head is spinning because you know you've been on the Sumo Wrestler diet for 3 straight days and see Hubs for the first time in a month in just 4 days and need to start the purge NOW.

Honestly, I love the cold weather. I love the snow.

I love, love, love it.

I'd love it a lot more if I had an SUV.

Why, oh why, didn't I let SoldierMan buy me one for Christmas, as he begged?

Oh that's right, we're supposed to be saving money.

Stupid, responsible me.

Yes, honey. If you are reading this, next time you offer to buy me a new car, I'm saying yes.

And in case you hadn't noticed on the sidebar,

Here is my facebook celebrity look-a-like:

When the movie came out, I had a group of *lovely* 6th grade girls specifically tell me I looked like the girl in The Princess Diaries - the before version. And, in all fairness, I did. Frizzy hair, glasses, the works. Since then some nice people have amended it to Anne Hathaway in general, but I always gravitate towards this image. Way more true-to-life.
**to be clear, I wasn't in 6th grade when it came out. I worked with 6th grade girls.**

Meanwhile, I notice at least four of you are going to Disney in the next couple of weeks.

I. Hate. You.



  1. 1. I only WISH I were one of the people you hate for going to Disney, I therefore hate them too. And 2. I couldn't figure out a facebook celeb look alike :( Fail.

  2. Good luck with getting everything in order in time for your soldier man to get home, you must be through the roof excited! =)

  3. Only 3 more days!

    I can see the similarity to Anne Hathaway(in general, not the before.) I could not figure out who my celeb look alike is. I have been told Katie Holmes but I just do not see it!

  4. Don't you hate being the responsible money saver sometimes!!

  5. I can't believe your man is almost done with basic! That's so awesome! Time sure went by fast (well, looking back it always seems that way). :)

  6. that picture from Princess Diaries is me from 5th grade to 8th grade- no joke!! i feel your pain:O)


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