January 22, 2010

Quick Poll:

I'm having a makeup crisis. I need your opinion.

Question 1) What color would you say my eyes are?

Honestly, I have no idea anymore.

With that in mind....

2) What colors go good with whatever eye color I have? I have the hardest time making my eye make-up work.

I need help. And I'm already aware of the chapstick situation, so you don't need to mention it :)


  1. Your eyes look brown to me :) I am not sure the brand but they had makeup at our PX that was made for each color of eye. So I would check that out :)

  2. I think you have brown eyes. I do not wear a lot of make-up and I have blue eyes so I do not have any personal advice. But I googled it and found this interesting article: http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/Eye_Shadow_for_Brown_Eyes

    Hope it helps!!

  3. I would go with brown as well. As for makeup I have brown eyes and I use Almay's 3 color blend for brown eyes.

  4. um... your eyes look eerily similar to mine. people say they are brown.
    but, i'm leaning towards gold / green / brown with a dark circle thing. they probably change with your mood, clothing, weather (mine get really light after a good cry)

    i tend to lean towards more neutral shade, warm browns and nudes. i can do some pinkish tones sometimes (if the pinkish undertones of my skin or well covered with powder). i can also work purples and greens.
    i CANNOT do anything silver, black, gray... it just makes the brown of the eyes pop out but turns it into a freaky shade of red.

    and ther are those brands that have the "wear this for these color eyes" which means i can wear the ones for brown eyes, green eyes and hazel eyes.
    we're actually pretty lucky that way!

  5. You have the same color as I do! Sure everyone says brown but they are wrong! They are brown in the middle and, no matter how much my husband insists grey, green on the outside. Here's what I do. Everyday color is an eye brightening pink. If I want the green to pop...which I do...I use purple. I have a couple shaded from light to dark from Mary Kay. Then if I just want brown, I have a golden brown. I love to play with eye shadow! I would be happy to tell you the exact colors (or even take pics) if you'd like!

  6. http://blog.sephora.com/2008/07/best-color-picks-for-hazel-eyes.html

  7. I say hazel too because yours are really close to mine. There is more than just brown there.

    I think you should stay away from shades of brown because those won't highlight the depth of your eye color. Flat brown or tan will look dull. I like doing a warm taupe on my lid, highlight the brow and inner crease with a shimmery champagne and then do blackish brown for liner and mascara. A lot of people with brown in their eyes go with a plain brown liner but something darker like blackish brown will pull out the other colors and make them stand out.

    I always hated my eye color and wanted blue eyes. But hazel can be so pretty if you accent it right.

  8. They look hazel to me. Almay has a line that you can buy specifically for hazel eyes. I use it myself and it comes with a pink, light brown and dark brown. I was skeptical about the pink as I'm not a pink person. But it really worked for me. They also have a set for brown eyes if you wanted to go that way. Let us know how it all turns out :)

  9. I think that your eyes are a warm brown. The color is VERY similar to mine. If that is the case I am guessing that sometimes your eyes can look dark brown, other times a honey-golden brown and others a greenish brown.

    I have found that Purples, some shades of blue and golden tones work best for me. I could never seem to find the right color of eyeliner, I tried everything. I recently started using eyeshadow as eyeliner (applied with a very small brush). The color that I use the most is a really dark navy. It works well because it is not as harsh a black but you can't tell it is clue unless you get really close.

  10. I have to say your eyes are really pretty. And to answer your questions, I think your eyes are hazel. My eyes are brown and yours definitely don't look brown to me. I can't help you with the color situation though!

  11. I also believe your eyes are hazel. However, i can't give you any advice. I am really really bad with make-up. ;)

  12. I love this questions because I have a minor obsession with eye make up. First, I think your eyes are brown. Although they are light enough that it's debatable. I think for eye make up though this is actually good. You can go different directions. I would avoid brown eye makeup because that may make your eyes look dark and tired. Gold, however would be a very good color. You can mix it with pinks or with blues. You could also do a gold/purple palate (if you can find a warm purple) which would bring out the hazel tones. But I think gold and pinks would be really great on your pretty eyes.


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