January 17, 2010


Thanks everyone for your comments yesterday. I tried to reply to all of you individually (if I didn't, it's only because I wasn't able to due to the no-reply status of your settings, not because I didn't want to!) because each and every one of you really blessed me today. Which reminds me why I blog. There are some things that only a milspouse/milSO can understand. To everyone else, I was just a jerk the last few days. Which was true. So I have some damage control to do this week.

One of my SILs invited me over for lunch after church, and that was really nice. Not only were her chicken quesadillas exelente, but it was nice to sit and talk. She's very fun. All of SoldierMan's sisters (he has 4) have been really great and supportive during this whole time. It's meant a lot.

SoldierMan did in fact get his phone today. It was an ordeal, with lots of interruptions and crazy schedules. First, he got his phone for "only an hour" right during the time I was in church, so I didn't see his 3 missed calls and 4 text messages saying CALL ME ASAP until there was only 20 minutes left. Crap.

Later - Surprise! - SoldierMan gets his phone AGAIN at around 1700 (5:00...I'm trying to acclimate to military time....) for "1 hour." Then someone starts calling for the phones to be turned in, about 15 minutes before they were told. So we have to say goodbye. Then he calls back 3 minutes later. The guy was just playing what he thought was a really funny prank. Idiot. He's lucky they were already in punishment for fighting (hence the phone restrictions) or else I'm pretty sure he would have suffered a beating - from several guys.

Then he gets his phone AGAIN at 1930, for "1 hour"...which gets cut short because someone (in another platoon, thankfully) thought he'd call a cab for whatever reason, and the cab showed up... Idiot.

Anyway, overall, it was a better day than yesterday, even though in retrospect yesterday wasn't all that bad. It was just me being moody. So after much crying, emotional eating and general venting, I'm slowly becoming human again. I should be back shortly. Hopefully, tomorrow (today, since it's 1:15 a.m.) being a "holiday," they are all on their best behavior so they get their phones again. I can't wait for BCT to be over!


  1. I'm glad today was a little better. Fingers crossed that he gets to call you again tomorrow - I know how much better that can make a day!

  2. Glad that today is a little better. It can be stressful having to get use to living apart. Do you guys get a break between BCT and AIT?

  3. So glad you were having a better day! I hate the bad days and I am even starting to hate the so so days...

  4. Is BCT Basic Combat Training? Or is it boot camp? I'm not up to speed on all the army training things. {It sounds like MCT Marine Combat Training which you go to after boot camp}

  5. glad you got to talk to him!!

  6. I'm glad things are looking up. And I know you were beyond happy to get to talk to SoldierMan, multiple times. :) I'm sure that is exactly the kind of pick-me-up you needed!

  7. So, I could tell you that in a few months, you'll look back and think this wasn't so bad. I look at my blog posts while he was at basic and think, "what was wrong with me?" Now, I can tell you that basic was one of the best things that ever happened to him, and therefore us.

    Buuuuuuut, I'm pretty sure that's not going to make you feel any better, so here's some sympathy instead...

    It sucks and I'm sorry!

  8. I'm glad it was better. That has to be so tough.


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