January 6, 2010

Not much, but a lot

Today, my mind is preoccupied.

I have to work and do some shopping and shipping for SoldierMan and hit the library and get some fast food for health reasons (another blog post entirely)....

But I can't tear myself away from the computer.


Because Big Journalism launched today.

And my heart is thrilled.

I can't wait to see where this goes. I (thanks to my brilliant networking skills the pure luck of genetics) have an insider's track on the trajectory of the upcoming lead stories for this site.

It will be big.

In my opinion, bigger than the ACORN videos launched on Big Government. Bigger than the NEA conversations exposed on Big Hollywood (today celebrating it's 1-year anniversary. I've been a participating member since one year ago this morning.)

If you want to be an informed member of society - no matter if you live domestically or overseas, no matter your political persuasion - you NEED to be members of these sites.

I try not to let my politics seep onto this blog - I have a whole 'nother blog for that.

But this isn't about politics. It's about truth.

And the truth is, we're being lied to.

On TV.

In print.

On the radio.

And now, we will know exactly who, when, how and why. Thanks to Big Journalism and Andrew Breitbart.

Can you feel the excitement?


  1. Very interesting... I might have to mosey on over there.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. interesting...i will have to check it out. i follow big hollywood because of one of your posts. thanks!

  3. I bookmarked it! :)

  4. THAT IS BIG!!

    I am on my way over there now!!


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