January 20, 2010

My Brave SoldierMan

This is a little long, but I'm going to brag on SoldierMan a bit today. He probably wouldn't like me sharing this story with you, but I just can't help it. :)

SoldierMan is a brave guy. He's willing to do just about anything if the cause is good. Obviously, he's a soldier for a reason. And he wants to be a Combat Arms officer. An Infantry officer. When I tell people that - people in the military - they always give me "the look." Even his recruiter, when SoldierMan told him he hoped to branch Infantry, his recruiter looked at me and said, "Wow, you didn't even blink. Do you know what Infantry is?" Thanks.

This is the guy you want with you when you're storming the citadel, when you're backs-to-the-wall, when you're out of bullets and outnumbered 10-to-1. He's a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, never-give-up-never-surrender fighter.

There is really only one thing that makes SoldierMan's face go white and his fists clench, his heart stop, his skin break out in a cold sweat.


Yup. Needles. Some people, it's snakes. Some people, it's heights. For SoldierMan, it's needles.

So, we come to Saturday. Apparently, there is a blood drive going on. And everyone has to go.

You know what they do at blood drives, right?

So SoldierMan gets in line, thinking, "Blood drives are voluntary, no big deal, nothing to worry about."

Oh, but this is the Army. Nothing is voluntary except joining!

So they line everyone up and say "if you have a disease, condition or for whatever reason are not allowed to give blood, step out now." SoldierMan doesn't move. Technically, he's not prohibited from giving blood, he just doesn't want to.

Then they say, "If you've had a tattoo and other stuff I can't remember within the last so many days, you can't give blood, so step out." Again he stays, but is starting to realize this isn't your college's blood drive.

Then they say, "If you are feeling sick today, at all, step out now." And at that point, he was getting nauseous. So he does and goes and sits in the other room.

But after a few minutes, SoldierMan decides it's time to face his fears.

And he volunteers to be stuck. Without compulsion. Completely elective. :)

That's not to say it was easy. He was still anxious the entire time, so much so that the nurses put ice packs on his forehead and kept coming by and patting him on the shoulder saying, "You're doing great, you'll be done in just a minute!" :)

Unfortunately, during the process, one of the nurses had to adjust his needle and in doing so got an air bubble in his pack, contaminating the blood collection. So they had to throw it out. All that and they couldn't even use his blood!

So what was the point of it all? Well, obviously it was a big step for him to face his fears. But more was at work.

When he got back in line, he was placed with different guys than he walked in with. And during their wait time, he was able to talk to a few of them. They asked him about God, the Bible and Salvation. It wasn't a casual conversation, either. He said one of the guys was so obviously being worked on that he almost cried at one point. They weren't from his platoon, so he probably won't get the chance to follow up with them. But seeds were definitely being planted. The Spirit was at work, in the blood drive at Ft. Sill.

Had he not stepped out of line and gotten back in, he wouldn't have been there to have that conversation.

Anyway, here's a picture from the blood drive. In case you can't pick out which one SoldierMan is, he's the only one who looks like he's a guy in line for a blood drive with a pathological fear of needles. ;)

From his platoon's facebook group. Yes, they have a facebook group, and one of the 1SGT's wives follows them around everywhere with a camera, and posts pictures for us almost daily. It's been really nice to get to "check up" on him that way!


  1. Hah, poor guy! I'm definitely scared of needles, but the look on his face just shows how terribly frightened he was.

    What a neat story, that he was able to spread the word in line at the blood drive.

    I know you're proud of your soldier!

  2. Oh my goodness, he looks absolutely terrified! And he faced his fear, that's great.

    Just as great, is the fact that he was able to share God's love and the Word while waiting in line. God is good!

    That's so neat that you are able to keep up with his platoon!

  3. Omg that picture is classic! How great though to get an opportunity to share God's word with others. There are so many guys in the military who are searching for answers I'm always praying that my soldier man gets those opportunities to share!

  4. I know that look and fear all to well! That is so wonderful that God was working in their lives like that and placed your husband in just the right place at the right time. What a blessing!! And Jaci, you are one strong and brave woman. I commend you for standing behind your husbands decisions and supporting him like that.

  5. So amazing what happens when we listen to God's prompting, even in a situation that seems "non-spiritual". I know he's your hubby, but i'm proud of him too!! This has really helped re-focus my day:)

  6. Oh poor thing! Look at that face! Trey is also NOT a fan of needles, although I don't think it's quite as bad. He just comes home talking about how they stole his life force for hours on end.. grrrr.

    It's always so neat to see when God is at work so obviously like that. Look at the good that came out of your his fear. Amazing! Just think... he quite possibly could have done some major work in those mens lives!

  7. The look on his face is beyond priceless. So funny!
    God works in mysterious ways and in His own perfect timing. It is so good to see Him doing things we never would have thought possible just by us stepping out of our comfort zone.

  8. My husband is in the infantry too :)

    It is amazing the places God will work :)

  9. Just came across your blog- love it! I'm your newest follower! Your man is SO brave- so thankful to him and all the men and women in the military for the sacrifices they are making for us! The story is hilarious and the picture says it all!

  10. Haha, poor guy! He looks pretty freaked out in the picture! Hopefully it wasn't too bad for him.

  11. The look on his face is priceless. Sort of adorable!!! :)

  12. Poor guy! He looks like he should run. I'm glad he did it though, I wish I could. :( I do, however, look doing blood draws- they're are fun! Haha but that's just the nurse-to-be in me.

    By the way, I secretly think most men are afraid of needles so you can tell him he's not alone. :)


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