January 9, 2010

It's X Time

First off, I'd just like to thank you all for your feedback yesterday. The commenters on facebook weren't nearly as kind. Pretty sure I got called a mean-spirited bully who wasn't a good Christian. But that's their problem, not mine.

I should have done this earlier this week, but now is as good a time as any.

You may or may not know that SoldierMan and I started doing P90X back in October. I've noticed that several fellow bloggers (as per new year's) have started the program, and I've been ask about it a few times in the real world as well. Here's our story:

We started doing P90X together because SoldierMan needed to loose weight for his weigh-in scores, and I wanted to get healthier for my heart.

There are two parts to any succesful weight loss program: diet and exercise.

First, the exercise. The program is based on muscle confusion: you do not do the same workout twice in a week. You excerise 6 days, rest on one, and you do 6 different workouts, so you're less likely to plateau or get bored. I love/hate the workouts. I *never* enjoyed working out. And the bookworm in me still doesn't. I have to force myself to start the DVD. However, I *love* the feeling I have when it's over, that I've actually accomplished something, and I feel better in general, healthier, stronger, more alive. I *love* the results I've gotten with the program.

The workouts are designed so that you can begin at any level of fitness and still progress and be challenged. It also shows you how to modify each workout depending on your goals - whether to bulk up muscle or to tone and trim down "fluff," as we liked to call it. :) SoldierMan did free weights, I used resistance bands. Also, while he was here, we did the Classic P90X program. When he left, I switched to P90X lean, because that was more in lines with my goals. There are three different variations you can do, which I like.

Tony, the instructor, is right up my alley. He's serious about the workouts, but he's also playful and cheesy. Not annoyingly so, either. It's very much into positive motivation, and the P90X mantras are good life mantras as well. "Do your best, forget the rest." "Don't let your ego get in the way." "Don't say, 'I can't,' say 'I presently struggle with,' and go from there." That's my style and I work well with that more than someone just calling off reps or saying, "Is that the best you can do? Do one more!"

Diet: When we started P90X, we didn't do their diet plan. But we did the Atkins diet, which I believe is similar. By day 2, it started. The almost blinding headaches, debilitating fatigue, nausea, dizziness. Basically the results of poor nutrition mixed with no change in physical activity. Day 4, I ate a whole box of Mac and Cheese for lunch. I was fat, but happy. Day 5, SoldierMan says he can't stand it any longer, he's going back to Slimfast. I went back to eating small, balanced portions for meals.

We still lost weight, but did it in a way that was healthy and comfortable. Just because the plan says you have to have *this specific diet* doesn't mean that that's the diet that's best for your body.

He did P90X and a slimfast diet and lost almost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I ate balanced, small portions of regular food and did P90X and got stronger, lost weight (I don't do numbers, but I did go down a dress size and my body shape changed the way I wanted) and generally felt healthier.

My "dieting" philosophy is this: all "diets" are fads. The no carb thing is big now, but guess what? Your body needs carbs to last through all those exercises. Sure, not as many as we are used to consuming, but cutting them out of your diet completely ala Atkins is unhealthy for someone wanting to exercise. You're sabotaging yourself. Find a long-term food plan that works for you.

Cutting things out of your diet is also suicide. You know what I mean. You are on your way to a birthday party and you driving there you tell yourself, "I won't have any cake, I won't have any cake, I won't have any cake," and then you get there and see everyone else eating. Maybe you hold off for a while. After all, your resolve is new and strong. But after 30 minutes...an hour...people keep offering and offering...and next thing you know, you've had two pieces of cake and can't understand why it was so hard to say no.

I'm a big believer in not denying yourself foods, just being wise in your portions. Have a choco-craving? They make bite-sized Hershey's just for that. As long as you only eat 1 today, guess what, you aren't going to die. But, you will satisfy that longing in your tastebuds, at least until tomorrow, and that's what counts.

I highly recommend the program. But here's my totally unprofessional advice: Don't "try" P90X. Because the first week, I hated it. I was sore and worn out and hate working out anyway. The second week, I could actually start doing some of the moves and the looked almost like the people on the screen. Commit to completing the first 30 days, and then deciding whether or not to continue. Anything less is not a fair trial, in my opinion. I'm now in the 3rd phase (I basically took December off with the move and the trip and SoldierMan coming home...there just wasn't time and/or room) and I know I will complete it, because it has worked for me.


  1. Oh man - Atkins scares me. Just watch what you eat, maybe start counting calories, eat healthy and you will be good. Our body needs carbs, good carbs but still, we cannot cut them out completely.

    You are intense girl with you P90X! I am afraid of that thing! Good luck, kick butt!

  2. Not a Christian? Geesh, someone saying that to you makes them sound like not a good Christian, but that's just me. Last time I checked, God was the judge of that.

    I totally agree with you about all diets being just fads, too.

  3. Great review. I have been thinking about doing P90X but have not heard any real feedback on it.

  4. I have heard of a lot of people recently who are doing P90X. My husband and I have been considering it but haven't committed yet.

    I read that you also need to be some equipment. What exactly did you have to buy?

  5. I came back to read your comments on p90x and they're made me excited to do it. My husband and I just did the "fit" test and took our before photos and all that jazz. The real thing begins on Monday (so I can find a fan for our living room this weekend...I don't feel like passing out from heat!).

    did you husband find that he was still hungry by doing the slimfast diet? My husband has talked about doing that, but I can imagine him practically starving throughout the day if he did.


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