January 28, 2010

Friday Randomness

You know this Orbit Gum commercial?

I wish the world really sounded like that.
So the weather here has been nuts.

Wednesday: Sunny, 60, light breeze (for Oklahoma), beautiful.
Thursday: Snow and freezing rain with a solid sheet of ice encasing my car.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds. They're predicting conditions to decline as the days go by. People are already without power. Fun times.
Am I the only one not blown away by the iPad?

I mean, aside from the fact that the Mac marketing board is obviously staffed entirely by men (what woman would think releasing a product called the iPad is a good idea? I won't even tell you some of the comments I've read in various forums about the name...), I am totally underwhelmed. It's basically a Kindle that also plays movies and music...except you can't plug it into your computer to download, you can only use Mac-format books (so no transferring all your previous Kindle purchases to your fancy new iMaxi), and you can only do one think at a time. You can't read AND listen to music (which, yes, sometimes I like to do).

But then, I can't really get into the whole virtual book thing. I know I'm old fashioned, but you'll have to pry my ink-and-paper treasures from my cold, dead hands before I spend $600+ on something you can't hightlight, underline, notate or sleep with.

On a side note, there are some legal free-speech issues regarding such electronic mediums like the Kindle afoot. Watch the video below. No, really. You should watch it.

And, because I know we've all still got Haiti on the brain, I recommend you go read this Boots-on-the-Ground report from a "friend" of mine (as in facebook friend):

Letters From Haiti: When Mountains Moved

Go. Be encouraged.


  1. I definitely don't see the hype in the iPad. I have never been interested in getting a Kindle, so to see that huge pad, just didn't intrigue me at all. I didn't do much research on it after I first heard about it, but after what you wrote, there's no way I would ever get one. And I agree, the name needs work!

  2. I love my Mac laptop and Iphone, but not too interested in the IPad. It is too big! I didn't even make the connection of Ipad to something else! I died laughing!! WOW!!!

    Be safe this weekend in the crazy weather conditions!!!

  3. yeah... I am not feeling the IPad. It's neat, yes. BUT, I would want to have just a normal lap top I believe.

  4. I like the idea of the kindle but I just love real books too much. If I could bottle the smell of books I would:)

  5. I am sort of excited to see how the iPad will be doing once it is released. It might turn out like the MacBook Air. You know it's there but people don't really care about it that much. Also the iPad (as it is now) is a huge rip-off. There are so many other things they should have included already (like a camera, CD/DVD drive?!). But to make more money, they are just going to wait for another year to come out with a new version of the iPad.

    I'll just stick to my little iPhone and a regular book. Nothing beat having hundreds of books in a book shelf.

  6. I *LOVE* that Orbit commercial :) Makes me laugh every time!

    And I'm with you on the iPad...seems like an oversized iPhone or iPod touch to me...and yeah, the name? awful.

  7. I'm in impressed by the ipad either! I think it's just a waste of money if you already have the other things like an ipod, kindle etc.


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