January 25, 2010


As in, crazybusy.

Busy weekend. Busy day. Busy evening.

So, in lieu of a "real" post, I'll link you to my "post of the day" from Big Hollywood.

I'll catch up on commenting later tonight.



‘Precious’ vs. ‘The Blind Side’: The System Worked

by Mr. Wrestling IV

“I don’t blame nobody. I just want to say when I was twelve, TWELVE, somebody hadda help me it not be like it is now…. Why no one put Carl in jail after I have baby by him when I am twelve?” — From “Precious,” Based on the Novel “Push,” by Sapphire.


From ABC’s 20/20 segment on “The Blind Side”:

Deborah Roberts: There are some black people who feel a little uneasy about the notion of the wealthy white family comes in to help the poor black kid…

Michael Oher: I don’t understand why people would feel that way because as long as somebody’s, uh, somebody’s helping somebody and taking, you know, somebody off the streets, I don’t care, you know, black or white, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Two powerful and very different movies dealing with the problem of neglected and abused children in America were honored at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Precious is a very difficult and painful movie to watch, depicting the utter devastation wrought in the horrible life of Clareece Precious Jones, a fictional but utterly believable character with countless real-life counterparts, while The Blind Side is perhaps the prototypical feel-good movie of the year (and a crowd-pleasing $200-million blockbuster), dealing with the success story of the real-life Michael Oher, who was adopted by a middle class white family and went on to play college football and become an NFL star. But the two movies starkly show two distinctly different approaches to the problem.

Continue reading (and I highly recommend you do) here.


  1. Ever want to stand up and cheer in the middle of reading a blog??? I just did.... right about the point where they pin liberals as driving prius' and recycling so they can feel good about themselves helping the world. While voting for big govt. so they don't have to get their hands dirty actually helping, fostering, or adopting. Oh...my...goodness. How accurate!!!!

  2. oh yeah, and thank you so much for helping us to get our hands dirty!!

  3. Oooo...this was my fav article from Big Hollywood today too!!

  4. Very interesting article...glad you passed it along!

  5. nice. well, not really nice, but true.
    Hubs usually makes fun of me when i'm reading blogs, so i had him read this. you are now on the approved blog list;O)

  6. I shared that website with my husband and he's in love. So thanks! :)


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