December 2, 2009

So this is Google reader

I downloaded a third-party Google reader app for my phone, because running the browser to all our graphic-laden blogs was overwhelming my phone. It's not too impressive, but it gets the job done. The downside is, it doesn't give me a reply function. So I'm reading all your stuff and I can't respond! But I AM reading, just so you know.

Please keep us in your prayers: me, that we won't get lost and will make wise decisions while we are here; And SoldierMan, that he will get well quickly (he's quite ill) and that he won't worry about me too much and will be able to focus on his training.


  1. Will be keeping both of you in my prayers, have fun and relax!

  2. I will definitely pray for you and SoldierMan. Hope you have a great trip!
    P.S. You're "he knows how to shoot" comment in your last post literally made me laugh out loud. ;)


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