December 9, 2009

Is It Just Me....

We have a landline, because it comes with our internet/cable package, and it gives us something to give vendors and utilities and other such people who require a phone number but who we don't actually want to talk to.

We never use it. Ever. It stays in the cradle 99.999999999999999% of the time.

We have cell phones. Cell phones on the same network as about 75% of the people we know. So most of our cell calls are free.

Consequently, we have informed everyone in our lives (repeatedly) that we will not under any circumstances answer the landline. Ever. When it rings, we ignore it.-

If you want us, family and friends, you must - must - call our cell phones.

I didn't think it was that complicated. But some people just refuse to cooperate.

Because there are still a couple of people who, regardless of the umpteen times we have said, "Don't call the house phone, call our cell phones, we won't answer," regardless of the fact that, even when they do call, we don't answer, regardless of the fact that when we call them it is always from our cell phones - they still call the house phone. Every. Single. Time.

And I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't something more going on than just "forgetfulness."

That maybe this is passive aggression.

That this might be a manipulative control tactic - to contact us on their own terms, just for the sake of it.

Or, maybe I'm just reading too much into this.

It's such a small thing. Right?

But that's my point.

How hard is it to just hit the other number in your speed dial? Unless you have some weird ulterior motive.

I'm probably just paranoid.


  1. If they are anything like certain members of my family who shall remain nameless... its ulterior motive.

  2. hahah, that sounds awful! Maybe unplug the phone if you never answer it?

  3. haha, maybe they have your land line as the default in their address book and don't realize that is what they are calling? Well, IF they are calling from their own cell phone. =)
    We don't even have a land line for the simple fact that it would never be used.

  4. I know here it costs far more to call a cell than a land line - maybe they are just tightwads?

  5. Annoying!!!

    We have a landline right now, but when we move next month and get one for the security system and such, we are not giving it out.


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