November 18, 2009

Who got a letter?

I got a letter!!

Actually, I got 2! (UPDATE: Got a 3rd today. Super excited! I hope he doesn't run out of stamps, though....)

I went to the mailbox yesterday, knowing SoldierMan had mailed his letter(s) Monday. I tried to suppress the bubbling hope that somehow the regular mail service had become Speedy Gonzalez since we were living in the same state, but I *knew* that wasn't very likely. I kept telling myself not to expect a letter before Friday, just to be safe.

And they both came on Tuesday!! :) :)

So happy.....

So happy, in fact, that I got caught up in reading his letters and lost track of time, and didn't get to fix my hair before I went to base to get my ID. So I look like a crazy bag lady on my new military ID card. Oh well, it's an ID picture, not Glamor Shots.

I get to the recruiting station (because SoldierMan's recruiter was going to walk me through the whole process since I am completely unfamiliar with the base) and hurt my car. Long story - parked on an incline - wound up with the lower nose panel hanging off while I drove the 30+ miles from the station to the base. Recruiter snapped part of it back into place. Went by my parents' last night and my dad bolted it back on to where it's at least drivable now. (And why won't I let SoldierMan buy me a new car, even though we could afford higher payments??? I'm like the person who shouldn't own pets - cars just aren't safe around me).

Then I tried to make chicken wings and fried rice for dinner, which usually turns out well, but I think the marinade was out of date. Anyway, this now makes 3 days without doing p90x because my stomach just wouldn't settle last night. I'm getting out of the habit and it's baaaaaad.

But none of that matters, because I got my letters yesterday and got to mail mine off. I'm so stinkin happy. :)


  1. ID Card Pictures = Never Good

    I've had mine made in the midst of moving, on a normal day and on a day where I made sure to look good. All of them horrible. HORRIBLE!

  2. Yeah for letters!! I cannot wait until KS gets to mail me and I finally get his address!

  3. Thanks! I love it, I am sure KS is bored out of his mind right now as well.

  4. I still have every letter that we sent each other while he was in boot camp (cripes 12 years ago!) and flight school and for his various deployments.... sigh... to go back and read them is funny now.

  5. YAY for letters! And I think it is a requirement for ID pictures to be terrible:)

  6. Letters!
    At least your husband writes. T has promised that when he leaves he WILL write... but knowing him, it still won't happen. ;)
    Do you really have bad problems with cars? ha, my only bad luck revolves around the tires on my car. Everything else stays in-tact.

  7. it's nice that Army recruiters do that! not ours! I had an Army friend take me.

  8. Yay!!! I wrote my husband every day when he was in basic... yeah, I was a little obsessed with it. Haha. Letters are the best. keep them all for memories!!! I still have all of ours from 4 years ago.

  9. Ugh I hate ID card time! 3 years in a row I happened to wear the exact same shirt!

    But yay for letters! I used to carry around G.I. Joe's most recent letters in my purse when he was deployed. You gotta love a man who can write a love letter!

  10. Those letters from BMT are the BEST!!!

  11. Congrats on the letters! Boo on the damaged car :(

  12. Yay for letters, pretty sure they can brighten up even the darkest of days! Joel's group had to do push-ups to "earn" their letters...if it smelled girly, had colored ink (even blue) or was sealed with a kiss it added to the amount they had to do...of course he tells me this after he gets done with basic and I sent him the girliest looking and smelling letters in the history of mankind...pretty sure I set some sort of record for most push-ups earned on a single letter! ha ha ...we still have all our old letters they really are fun to look back on every now and then. :)


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